Budapest Group Meetings

The Budapest Group meets annually or bi-annually, gathering senior officials from all participating states and organisations to discuss developments, to determine the main policy directions and to support the Process. The meeting of the Friends of the Chair serves as the advisory board to the Chair in all matters related to the strategic orientation of the Process. It brings together the main donor states of the Budapest Process, the leading/hosting countries for the Working Groups and the European Commission. In addition, other participating states are invited upon request.

The 22nd Senior Officials Meeting will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 1112 December 2014.

21st Senior Officials Meeting

Date: 910 December 2013

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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17th Senior Officials Meeting

Date: 17 November 2011

Ankara, Turkey

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16th Senior Officials Meeting

Date: 3 November 2010

Istanbul, Turkey

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Friends of the Chair

Date: 2009

Vienna, Austria

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15th Meeting of the Budapest Group of Senior Officials

Date: 1516 May 2008

Location: Trabzon, Turkey