Euromed Migration IV will be articulated in two dimensions:


  1. Regional Dialogue and Co-operation

  2. Capacity-building and Small Scale Actions:

These dimensions are inter-connected and touch upon every element of the programme. They are supported by a horizontal component, as follows:


  1. Regional Dialogue and Co-operation: Euromed Migration IV will facilitate an effective North-South and South-South regional dialogue and co-operation in the main fields of migration and international protection-related matters (migration governance, legal migration, irregular migration, migration and development and international protection and asylum).

  1. Capacity-building and Small Scale Actions: an innovative approach will help ensure greater efficiency and a broad and lasting impact. The programme will continue its efforts related to migration governance through the Migration Profile Process (MPP) which is meant to evolve in a national Migration Governance Process (MGP); it will also include the possibility to conduct sub-regional activities, implement tailor-made national training programmes and build-up a targeted technical assistance package including funding of small-scale actions for committed partners.

Horizontal and cross-cutting activities will support both dimensions, with particular focus on building a knowledge-base and a strong communication component, especially in the perspective of contributing to more dissemination of balanced information for a balanced narrative on migration. This component will notably include the interactive Map on Migration (i-Map) and its Traineeship Programme open to students and young professional of the region.


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This project is funded by the European Union