First Euromed Migration Conference

Focus on diaspora and diaspora engagement


‘Connecting, Communicating and Networking with Diasporas’ was the theme of the first conference of EUROMED Migration IV, a programme led by the European Commission’s DG NEAR and implemented by ICMPD; its new phase lasts from 2016 to 2019.

The event from 4 to 6 May was hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland in Dublin Castle. Participants from 14 EU countries, 7 Southern Partner Countries and Turkey as an observer learned about case studies and experiences in diaspora engagement from Ireland, Denmark, Morocco, Lithuania and others and discussed their relevance for the Mediterranean. ICMPD presented the draft work program of Euromed Migration IV to start engaging all National Focal Points in the activities foreseen for the next three years.

The main objective of Euromed Migration IV is to support EU Member States and the Southern Partner Countries (SPC) of the European Neighbourhood Instrument in establishing a comprehensive, constructive and operational dialogue and co-operation framework; a particular focus is put on reinforcing instruments and capacities to develop and implement evidence-based and coherent migration and international protection policies.

Agenda of the Dublin conference

Concept Note of the Dublin conference

Presentations from the Dublin conference:

Euromed Migration IV work plan & next steps 2016-19

Diasporas, migration and the media in Europe: Narratives and perception – by Osservatorio di Pavia

How the world views migration - by IOM Global Migration Data Analysis Centre

Mining names in the big data to map diasporas – by NamSor



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