Supporting the Fourth Phase of the Rabat Process: the Rome Programme

Objective: The project supports the implementation of the fourth phase of the Rabat Process by providing the partners with an open framework for consultation, coordination and cooperation. This specific phase focuses on operational implementation with increased funding for technical assistance, thanks to the creation of the MMD Facility, which  provides funding to partner countries and organisations of the Rabat Process to help put the dialogue into practice. 


Activities: A number of concrete activities are being carried out along the priority areas identified by the countries of the Rabat Process. More detailed information, including the state of play of activities, can be found on the website of the Rabat Process.

Implementing Agency:

Donor: European Union

Duration: June 2015 - December 2017 

Countries: The countries of North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and the EU


The Process in Action: Initiatives in the Region

This interactive map lists migration-related initiatives implemented in the partner countries in Africa. The map, available on the Rabat Process website, is partitioned per country and per pillar (legal migration, irregular migration, and migration and development). By clicking on a country, one can find information on actions that have been implemented since the adoption of the Paris Cooperation Programme in 2008 and are relevant to the Rabat Process. Information uploaded to this section is based on information collected and may not be necessarily up-to-date. The support project at can be contacted in case of questions or comments.

The Support Project

Objective: The Support Project was established to facilitate the dialogue, and support operational implementation through capacity building activities. These activities strengthen adherence of the partner countries to the dialogue. It is hoped that, through participation in the dialogue, relationships between partners countries are strengthened, resulting in specific cooperation in terms of knowledge sharing and training. 

Summary: Since the launch of the dialogue, partner countries have committed to adhere to the guiding objectives issued by the action plans of the Ministerial Declarations. In the early stage of the implementation of the dialogue and the organisation of technical meetings, it became apparent that technical support was needed to make the dialogue more dynamic. As a consequence, the first Support Project was launched in 2008.


The first two phases of the Rabat Process facilitated the establishment of a stable framework, allowing for sustainable and balanced intergovernmental dialogue. Since then, the dialogue has evolved and widened progressively, becoming more operational.


The third phase, guided by the Dakar Strategy (2011), went one step further. It insisted on the importance of carrying out specific actions, and introduced technical assistance activities, implemented by the Support Project. Today, the Rome Programme (2014) continues the efforts that have already been initiated and improves governance and implementation of the dialogue.


Implementing Agency: ICMPD

Donor: European Union

Duration: Current phase: implementation period of 50 months from 1st October 2015 to 30th November 2019 


This project is funded by the European Union