Forced-Return Monitoring (FReM)

#Return and Reintegration

Objective: To contribute to a functioning EU Return System in line with the Return Directive, guaranteeing and protecting the fundamental rights of returnees through independent and transparent forced-return monitoring based on a common European framework, standards, good practices and harmonised procedures

Summary: FReM III will provide a final management structure and procedures for the pool of forced-return monitors, contributing to its sustainability, improved day-today management and independence. The operational and procedural effectiveness and efficiency of the pool of forced-return monitors will be enhanced by improved communication, information and reporting tools. The full management and all procedures/activities will be handed over to Frontex by the end of the project. The training and capacity building activities foreseen in FReM III will strengthen the professional development of monitors from the pool of forced-return monitors. Furthermore, Member States will be supported with targeted needs-based national activities, enhancing their monitoring capacity, and facilitating the further implementation of the EU Return Directive (2008/115/EC).Fundamental rights training and awareness-raising on monitoring will be organised for return enforcing institutions in Member States, contributing to harmonisation of standards in this field and eventually to fundamental rights sensitive and dignified forced-return procedures. Monitors of relevant third countries participating in Collecting Return Operations will receive training in forced-return monitoring, contributing to the smooth implementation of such operations in line with international fundamental rights standards and principles.  


Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / Czechia / Switzerland / Sweden / Romania / Portugal / Poland / Finland / Norway / Malta / Netherlands / Luxembourg / Latvia / Greece / Hungary / Germany / Italy
December 2018 to December 2021
EU (AMIF fund) and participating countries
Implementing Agency
The project is implemented by ICMPD in close co-operation with the partner countries, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)

Barbara Cuzuioc-Weiss

Project Manager

Natia Mechitishvili

Programme Assistant