In Focus

Special Vienna Migration Conference event: Europe’s protection challenge: Preparing for the next stage

27 June 2022


On 27 June 2022, ICMPD and Germany, in its capacity as 2022 Chair of the ICMPD Steering Group, organised a special mid-year Vienna Migration Conference event hosted by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. The event brought together senior migration decision makers from European countries and EU institutions to discuss the impact of the Ukraine displacement crisis and lessons learnt for policymaking with an audience of Berlin-based stakeholders.

The main event takeaways are:

1.Local authorities and civil society play a primary role in receiving and integrating refugees, and this reality needs to be acknowledged through adequate measures
2.Increased arrivals from Ukraine, expected during the winter, will further strain host countries’ capacities.
3.Exit strategies for temporary protection should aim to address the tension between integration and return – and maintaining the agency of individuals can help define the way forward.
4.Bigger picture thinking and flexibility should be prioritised for future-oriented policymaking.
5.Crisis-driven responses continue to shape EU migration and asylum policies.
6.The EU’s response to displacement from Ukraine is unlikely to solve old controversies on migration matters. 

A long version of the event Event takeaways are available here.

The address by Ms Natalia Naumenko, Head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, can be watched here.