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Vienna Migration Conference 2018
Migrants in Countries in Crisis "MICIC" - Comparative Report Video
Young people in South Caucasus receive training on the future of migration
ICMPD in a minute
SMART TRAVELLER - New online app for facilitating border crossings
What is the Migration Media Award?
DIASPORA ENGAGEMENT FORUM 2018, African Institute for Remittances (AIR)
Migrants dans les Pays en Crise, "MICIC"
Dir. Ralph Genetzke on EU's policy frameworks on partnerships with third countries - ICMPD VMC '17
Dir. Martijn Pluim on ICMPD's role as a facilitator for partnerships on migration - VMC 2017
Dir. Lukas Gehrke on the features of migration partnerships - Vienna Migration Conference 2017
Gabriela Abado, ICMPD DDG on Partnership and Cooperation - Vienna Migration Conference '17
Hans Lundborg on labour migration and integration - Vienna Migration Conference '17
Günter Nooke: "invest in people, skills, infrastructure in African countries" - ICMPD VMC 2017
Gabriele De Giorgi on the EU's crisis-driven mode and need for partnerships - ICMPD VMC 2017
Alas M. Jama on the partnership between EU and Somalia - Vienna Migration Conference '17
Michael Spindelegger, ICMPD's Director General on the Vienna Migration Conference
Maciej Popowski on EU's South- and East-Partnerships - Vienna Migration Conference '17
Julie Okah-Donli on Irregular migration leading to trafficking - ICMPD VMC 2017
What is the Migration and Mobility Dialogue?
Migrants in Countries in Crisis, "MICIC" - a cross-cutting initiative
Vienna Migration Conference 2017
Demand in the Context of Human Trafficking: DemandAT Research on Interventions
Demand in the Context of Human Trafficking: Demand in Different Fields of Trafficking
Demand in the Context of Human Trafficking: Researching the Concept and its Impacts
Peter Pelinka meets ICMPD Director General Michael Spindelegger
Michael Lindenbauer, UNHCR: Helping the communities most affected by large numbers of refugees
Jorma Antero Vuorio on resettlement and legal migration - ICMPD Vienna Migration Conference
Paul Bekkers on cross-organisational cooperation in the field of migration - ICMPD Conference
Michail Beregoi, State Secretary for Internal Affairs, Republic of Moldova - ICMPD Conference
Gibril Faal on sustainable development goals - ICMPD Vienna Migration Conference
Return of Afghan Asylum Seekers & EU policy - Dr. Alema at ICMPD Vienna Migration Conference
Learning the lessons of 2015 - Sophie Magennis from UNHCR at ICMPD Vienna Migration Conference
'Migration is NOT a crime!' Dr. Olawale I. Maiyegun at ICMPD Vienna Migration Conference
Making migration better for whom? Nils Coleman on actors involved, discourse and security aspects
How to make migration better? UNICEF expert Lucio Melandri at ICMPD Vienna Migration Conference
Vienna Migration Conference 2016
Budapest Process: Migrant Resource Centres in Pakistan
Prague Process: What do you concretely get out of migration dialogue?
Prague Process: "Republic of Tajikistan takes into account the discussed issues” by Tohir Karimzoda
Prague Process: “We need to know who our partners on the other side are” by Tomas Urubek
Prague Process: “We have progressed, thanks to the Prague Process” by Tetiana Nikitina
Prague Process: “We have to decide who comes to our countries, not the smugglers” by Martijn Pluim
Prague Process: “We need solutions which will help people to come legally” by Ivana Nagyova
Prague Proces: “Handbooks and Guidelines are practical tools for states”, by Hambardzum Abrahamyan
Prague Process: “You come to discuss one question, but leave with answers to two” by Eduard Balandin
Prague Process: “We have not exhausted all of our inspirations and plans" by Anna Tulej
Prague Process: “All migrants are strong people” by Anna Bengtsson
B. El Mouaatamid: EUROMED Migration IV - Dialogue, Cooperation and Capacity Building
Online teaching for better engagement with the home country - by Leigh Moran