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VA21P023V01 - Researcher

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Project title:

Job Location: Vienna, Austria
Duration: 12 months
Closing Date: 28 Feb 2021


Organisational Overview:
The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 17 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD is a growing and ever-more relevant presence in its field. The organisation’s greatest assets are its 200+ staff members, who personify its values of commitment, integrity, partnership, respect, and innovation in actions and decisions.

Project Overview:
ICMPD is inviting all interested candidates to apply for the Researcher position for the“Awareness raising and information campaigns on the risks of irregular migration in Pakistan” project.

Focusing on information dissemination and awareness raising among potential migrants in Pakistan, this project will conduct a series of campaigns communicating balanced information about the dangers and consequences of irregular migration, options for legal migration, and the legal, social and economic realities of life in Europe. Embedding a behavioural approach, the campaigns will employ different channels and trusted, credible messengers to target both prospective migrants and their key influencers.

Understanding that effective information and awareness campaigns are built on strong background research, the Research Unit conducts an empirical study for this project. Dedicated qualitative research will cover the migration dynamics of irregular and regular migration channels from Pakistan, including potential (irregular) migrants’ information needs and gaps, their migration intentions, motivations and decision-making processes, their key influencers and channels likely to reach them. The research component also includes a mapping of Pakistani migrant associations in Europe (particularly Bulgaria, Greece and Italy).

Job Description:
The Researcher is responsible for analysis and content creation in support of medium-scale project-level scientific research outputs.

The Researcher engages in research planning, undertakes research, and drafts research related outputs. S/he is responsible for the management of research projects of low/medium complexity, as assigned. Within the assigned projects, the Researcher coordinates and delivers research being responsible for the timely achievement of high-quality scientific outputs. S/he plans research activities continuously assessing outputs for quality and relevance and disseminates project´s scientific outputs through various channels.

The Researcher follows scientific discussions and developments in his/her specific thematic area. S/he advances internal information exchange on research findings and translates research findings into options for further policy development. S/he contributes to the development of ICMPD´s knowledge body by synthetizing research findings, by developing knowledge materials and by contributing to the development of new research initiatives and projects. S/he advances the state of knowledge in her/his particular field of expertise and disseminates immediate research findings at specialist events.

The Researcher works under the overall supervision of the Head of Research and the direct supervision of Project Manager(s) of the assigned projects, Researcher (IP3), or Senior Researcher for project-specific deliverables and collaboratively with members of the Project Teams and staff in PRS enhancing exchange and information sharing. S/he collaborates with external experts in the area of work soliciting inputs to projects and initiatives.


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