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VA20P088V01 - Project Specialist, Border Community

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Project title:
IBM Lebanon III

Job Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Duration: 24 months
Closing Date: 11 Jul 2020


Organisational Overview:
The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 17 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD is a growing and ever-more relevant presence in its field. The organisation’s greatest assets are its 200+ staff members, who personify its values of commitment, integrity, partnership, respect, and innovation in actions and decisions.

Project Overview:
ICMPD is inviting all interested candidates to apply for the Project Specialist - Border Community position for the project Strengthening Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon (EU IBM Lebanon Phase III). The overall objective of this project is to seek to leverage the sustained commitment, and past investment in Lebanon, through ICMPD’s expertise and thereby achieve the following Specific Objectives:

1. To enhance border governance. This Objective seeks to support Lebanese commitment to the implementation of the National IBM Strategy and work towards inter-agency cooperation with the aim of enhancing overall border governance, which will enhance sovereignty, facilitate trade, improve security and strengthen the rule of law. This will be achieved through a continuation of the work done on interagency cooperation and coordination, asset management, planning, budgeting, and institutionalised relations with international counterparts.


2. To reinforce right based approach and IBM coordination contributing to enhanced border security and trade facilitation. This Objective seeks to sustainably strengthen the capacities of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), General Security (GS), Lebanese Customs Authority (LCA), Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Lebanese Civil Defence (LCD) in carrying out their respective mandates at an operational level, through training coaching and mentoring. This will include planning work on borders, and with regards to customs and border procedure transparency.


3. To contribute to the security and stability of border communities. This Objective will leverage past investment in Community engagement in vulnerable border communities in the North and East of the country with a view to improving relations between Security Sector Actors and local communities, bearing a high burden of displaced population hosting. It will entail the development of local development projects implemented in cooperation with local NGOs and CBOs and security sector actors that provide shared benefits.

The project will run over four years. The position is based in ICMPD’s Lebanon office.

Please note that this position is subject to approval and availability of project funds.

Job Description:
The Project Specialists for Strengthening Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon (IBM Lebanon Phase 3 project) will provide day-to-day expert and advisory support to the Lebanese border agencies. The main functions are mentoring, coaching and advising national counterparts and national experts on strategic IBM development and contribute to the overall work plan implementation.

They contribute to the identification of areas for improvement and draft recommendations, and ensure quality control of all technical content.

The Project Specialist - Border Community will be allocated to one of four thematic areas (outlined below). The Project Specialists team will comprise the team of experts, three senior experts from EU Member States and one local expert, based on expertise in the key thematic areas of the action, as follows:

- Project Specialist, IBM - Border Management, working closely with General Directorate of the Security General ( DGSG);

- Project Specialist, IBM – Customs, working closely with Lebanese Customs Administration (LCA);

- Project Specialist, IBM - Border Surveillance, working closely with Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF);

- Project Specialist, IBM - Border Community, working closely with Internal Security Forces (ISF) and LAF.

The Project Specialist-Border Community reports to the Head of the Border Management and Security Programme (BMS), and in close coordination with the Senior Border Management and Security Advisor.  The incumbent works in collaboration with the Project Manager, IBM Lebanon Phase 3.

The Project Specialists are embedded within the structures of the national IBM/border agencies. They provide the necessary technical expertise and situational awareness and have experience in monitoring and advising.

The Project Specialists team will coordinate work within the team internally lead by the lead expert. Likewise, this team will coordinate work with other stakeholders in Lebanon, both international and national. Hence, each Project Specialist will need to be aware and knowledgeable of other Project Specialist`s work and its progress.

The Project Specialists will reside in Lebanon/Beirut, which is intended to ensure permanent communication links to respective beneficiaries.


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