Complaints Procedure

In order to ensure administrative transparency a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory complaints handling procedure for procurement and grants is established.
This page provides guidance to participants involved in procurement (tenderer) or grant processes (applicant) who may wish to lodge a complaint.
A tenderer/applicant having a dispute or complaint about a procurement or grant-funding process, should address him/herself in writing to the Director, Human and Financial Resources of ICMPD. The written note should provide details of the basis upon which the dispute or complaint is being lodged, including:
  • a clear statement regarding what he/she considers was defective in the procurement or grant process;
  • copies of, or references to, information to support the complaint; and
  • a statement regarding what he/she wishes to achieve as an outcome from the complaint process.
The Director HFR will acknowledge the complaint within 15 working days and request further information if required. The Director HFR will conduct the necessary internal investigations and attempt to resolve the matter. If the tenderer/applicant is not satisfied with the proposed solution he/she may address himself to the Director General requesting a review process.  The Director General shall establish a complaints committee taking on board, if so warranted, external experts to conduct an independent review.  The tenderer/applicant will be informed in writing about the establishment of the complaints committee and the envisaged timeframe for the review.  Upon finalisation of the committee’s work the tenderer/applicant will receive notification in writing about the outcome of the review and the decision taken by the committee.  The decision of the complaints committee shall be binding for all parties.


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