AVSEC Call for Experts – Reinforcing Aviation Security at Rafic Hariri International Airport

AVSEC Call for Experts – Reinforcing Aviation Security at Rafic Hariri International Airport

Project description

The overall objective of the action is to reduce the probabilities of a terrorist attack against the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport, or the use of the airport to carry out attacks against airlines or passengers, as well as reducing the risk of terrorists and other criminals using the airport facilities undetected.

The specific objective of the action is to improve the security of Rafic Hariri International Airport, through the following outputs:

  • Improved coordination and cooperation among airport security agencies; 
  • Increased surveillance and security capacities of the relevant security agencies at the airport; 
  • Improved  infrastructure through the provision of equipment and infrastructural support to the relevant security agencies at the airport. 

List of key areas to be covered by the project are as follows:

  • Technical assistance to drafting a specific airport sectoral strategy and corresponding action plan / Creation of an Airport Coordination and Communication Centre (ACCC)
  • Training/ Equipment and infrastructural needs assessment of all relevant agencies at the airport
  • Delivery of training/Development of training curriculum to relevant agencies stationed at the airport;
  • Delivery of equipment and infrastructural support  (Procurement) 
  • Facilitation of expertise exchange programmes for relevant agencies stationed at the airport and their counterparts in EU Member States (Study visits) 
  • Formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on security procedures cooperation amongst relevant agencies stationed at the airport

Role of Experts:

A number of short-term experts will be contracted to support ICMPD in the following fields:

  • Provide technical assistance and participation in expert consultations
  • Conduct research and assessments
  • Reviewing  and formulation of policy documents/training curricula/recommendations 
  • Procurement incl. market research, procurement documents 
  • Drafting of reports 
  • Conduct workshops, trainings, seminars and study visits, related to the areas listed above incl. evaluation 

Profile of Experts:

  • Expertise (practical and/or academic knowledge and experience) in one or more of the technical areas, topics and sub-topics mentioned in the sections above;
  • Presentation and moderation skills;
  • Expertise in institutional development and capacity building;
  • Expertise in analysis and development of recommendation papers, guidelines, procedures, etc.;
  • Substantial knowledge and experience in preparation and delivering of training/workshop sessions related to airport/aviation security, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Experience in working with government counterparts;
  • Excellent oral and written English language skills (knowledge of Arabic is an asset);
  • Experience in the Middle East region is desirable;
  • Experts should be available for short- or mid-term assignments including at a relatively short notice.

Application Process:


Interested experts should send their CV and an indication of the training topic of interest via email to AVSEC_Lebanon@icmpd.org  so as to be included in the project expert roster. CVs will be selected from the roster on an ad-hoc basis. ICMPD cannot guarantee that all experts in the roster will receive assignments.



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