Call for Experts National Rapporteur CROSSMIGRATION

Posting Date: 17/05/2019

Deadline for Applications:31/05/2019 

Duty Station:Home Based  

Start Date: As soon as possible

Contract Duration: 3 Months 

Type of Post:Local 


Organisational Overview:

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 17 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD is a growing and ever-more relevant presence in its field. The organisation’s greatest assets are its 200+ staff members, who personify its values of commitment, integrity, partnership, respect, and innovation in actions and decisions.


Project Overview: 

ICMPD is inviting all interested candidates to apply for a consultancy as a National Rapporteur for Austria in the framework of the CROSSMIGRATION project

CROSSMIGRATION is funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Led by Erasmus University Rotterdam, the CROSSMIGRATION consortium includes 16 of the leading migration research institutes from across Europe. The project aims at establishing an interactive online migration research hub for European stakeholders and scholars to facilitate the access to and overview of knowledge and data on migration related issues. The aim is to produce a research database that will form part of a research hub in migration research. The research database will contain three main types of information: publications, data-sets and research projects. In addition, an expert database on individual researchers will allow researchers to set up a profile and confirm links to projects, data-sets and publications contained in the database. The research database will allow for thematic searches and for analytical purposes.

The database will become available for use by a restricted user group as of late April 2019. It will be launched publicly by end of June 2019 and will remain a living database that should continue being updated beyond the lifetime of the project. After the end of the project, the research hub will be incorporated in the IMISCOE web portal and taken over by the IMISCOE Research Network. 

Forming the main part of the migration research hub, the database will be filled by a combination of semi-automated procedures and manual entry. Academic publications, as a rule, have been imported from various publication databases and “taxonomised” (i.e. coded) using the classification system developed in the project. Research projects, on the other hand, will be largely manually entered.


Tasks and Responsibilities:

The country rapporteur is expected to map research on migration in Austria conducted during the past 10 years (2009 to the present) and complete data on the database. This entails the following tasks:   


Activity 1: Mapping data 

The country rapporteur is expected to map migration research, focusing on key research institutes, key researchers and funding agencies funding migration research. The focus should be on migration research narrowly speaking and as conceptualised in the CROSSMIGRATION taxonomy (thus leaving aside research on integration/migrant incorporation, diversity and other related fields). Also, the project focuses on recent migration research (undertaken within the last 10 years) in or related to Europe as well as theoretical, conceptual and methodological research. The initial mapping should be undertaken by means of desk research.  In undertaking the mapping of migration research institutions, the main priority will be on mapping research projects, publications that are likely to be not included in international publication databases (such as jstor, scopus and the like), and especially, non-English publications should also be mapped to the extent possible. Grey literature and online publications should also be surveyed, but only key resources mapped (e.g. from major NGOs or thinktanks).  It is expected that datasets (e.g. surveys) will be covered through automated linkage to a database currently being established in the framework of another project, so datasets will not be a priority. 


Activity 2: Organizing data

In a second step, the expert/national rapporteur is required to organize and compile a provisional research inventory of the institutions from which information on relevant research projects will be obtained, based on relevance.


Activity 3: Liaising with institutions producing migration-related knowledge and publications 

In a third step, the national rapporteur is required to reach out to contact points, including but not limited to universities, NGOs, think tanks, research institutes etc., to introduce them to the project and to request them to add information on research projects and publications onto the database using the manual entry forms for research projects and publications. The aim is that relevant institutions and researchers complete the research survey themselves. 


Activity 4: Sketch all other data on migration research in Austria

Based on the outomes of activity 3 the national rapporteur is expected to complete the migration research inventory by providing a substantial overview on data and information available but not yet included in the database. To the extent possible the national rapporteur enters this remaining and available information into the database. The detailed scope of this work will be agreed with Meike Palinkas as representative of ICMPD as the contracting agency and in close coordination with Albert Kraler (Danube University Krems) as the leader of the respective workpackage in the CROSSMIGRATION project. The mapping and data collection strategy will generally follow a hierarchy of priorities, with research projects funded by the main national level funding agencies in the last 10 years being the primary focus, followed by research projects funded by smaller research funding agencies, commissioned research and research projects.  


Reporting lines

The country rapporteur will report to Ms. Meike Palinkas who will be in charge of the day-to-day supervision both in terms of administrative and content issues. Jointly with Albert Kraler, she will provide feedback and comments on deliverables as needed.

 • Inventory of institutions funding or implementing research projects on migration and producing relevant research outputs (excel, related to task 2 and 3) 

[6 September 2019]

• Inventory of research outputs (projects and publications not otherwise included in the database) [entries in CROSSMIGRATION research database 

[15 October 2019]]


Incumbent Profile:

•A minimum of three to five years of experience in migration research or closely related field

•Proficieny in German 

•Substantial knowledge of migration research data

•Good understanding of publication procedures of research outputs 

•Familiarity with regional think tanks, research institutes, universities and other academic and non-academic migration knowledge and data producing institutions


Application Procedure:

Candidates interested to engage in the CROSSMIGRATION project are kindly invited to apply through sending their updated CV and indicating their interest and experience to the following e-mail address:


General Information:

ICMPD retains the discretion to re-advertise the vacancy or to cancel the recruitment. 


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