Call for Experts: Short-Term Expert for Drafting Concept Document on a Communication Strategy for Reaching Migrants

Strengthening Utilization of Additional Policies and Measures for Reinforcing Migration Management in Turkey (SUPREME Project)

Posting Date:11/09/2020

Deadline for Applications:25/09/2020 

Duty Station:Home based

Contract Duration:01/10/2020 – 31/12/2020

Organisational overview

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation tasked with promoting innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies. With 18 Member States and over 60 projects active throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, ICMPD is a growing and ever-more relevant presence in its field. The organisation’s greatest assets are its 250+ staff members, who personify its values of commitment, integrity, partnership, respect, and innovation in actions and decisions.

Project background 

The SUPREME project “Strengthening Utilization of Additional Policies and Measures for Reinforcing Migration Management in Turkey” aims to strengthen further migration management in Turkey in a complementary manner in order to cover all indispensable elements of the fully-fledged work in this area, and particularly in the area of irregular migration. The project is focusing on strengthening the development of policies and operational strategies, enhancing cooperation with countries of origin, support the well-functioning of the national assisted voluntary return operations and exploring possibilities for introducing reintegration policies and programmes.

Specifically, the main objectives and components of the SUPREME project are: 

  • Strengthening Policies and Procedures (Component I), 
  • Enhancing International Cooperation with Countries of Origin (Component II),
  • Supporting the functioning of the National Assisted Voluntary Return Mechanism (Component III),
  • Supporting the development of a Reintegration Programme (Component IV).


The task is situated within the scope of Component 3 of the SUPREME project. This component focuses on providing support in view of a functioning National Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) system in Turkey. As such, support is provided to the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) for establishing a National AVR system in Turkey and having such system operational in view of its subsequent implementation through the conduct of voluntary return operations.  

Complementing other project activities under this component, this task will provide a baseline for DGMM’s future communication strategy for reaching migrants in Turkey and modalities for raising awareness on and informing irregular migrants in Turkey in view of the implementation of AVR in Turkey.

The term irregular migrant is understood to cover all categories of migrants/target groups of the National AVR; being irregular migrants (not in contact with authorities), irregular migrants in detention centres, international protection applicants, rejected asylum seekers, vulnerable migrants (incl. irregular migrants with medical needs). 


The task to be completed by the Short-Term Expert for Drafting the Concept Document for a Communication Strategy for Reaching Migrants within this assignment are the following:

Activity: Create communications guidelines for reaching irregular migrants in Turkey 


As part of the N-AVR system in Turkey, there is the need for awareness raising on assisted voluntary return in Turkey. The Expert shall draft a document including communications guidelines that will serve as the baseline for elaborating, and simultaneously, be a guiding document for the DGMM to implement effective communication products on AVR. The main institution in charge of coordinating the national system will dispose of means and ways for reaching the N-AVR target groups, mainly irregular migrants and communicating options for return.  The prioritised target groups in Turkey of concerned communication strategy are migrants from the countries of origin  such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

The Expert shall differentiate between the options for a range of communication channels for disseminating information and raising awareness on the national programme. In addition to the main target groups, an all-encompassing approach will be followed, thus to also include strategy options for awareness raising among partners and stakeholders, migrant communities, beneficiaries, donors, governments (country of origin authorities and public institutions), civil society and the public.

Together with the preparation of the N-AVR Website, which forms an important and integral part of DGMM’s N-AVR Communication Strategy, these communications guidelines complement the preparatory work for outlining such a strategy in Turkey.

The Expert shall also stress following key elements with recommendations based on good practices (from other countries, e.g. EU MS States) and Turkey: 

  1. Planning: Communication (planning) needs should be set out in a clear and understandable way so the authorities can plan their communication strategy accordingly.
  2. Target Audience: The Expert shall categorize levels of the target audience, such as; primary audience, secondary audience, etc. based on their level of priority, knowledge, culture, language, age, etc. Cultural aspects shall also be understood to include and focus on religion-specific elements. It is advisable to come up with recommendations based on each country of origin’s cultural characteristics.
  3. Platforms (Tools and means for communication): The expert shall provide detailed information on communication platforms and ways to best reach and have impact on target audience. The platforms shall also contain information regarding their effectiveness, usage, experience of other countries and how each will target specific audience.
  4. Messages/Content of communication: The Expert shall also provide information on types and ways of development of effective content and messages targeting specific audience using different platforms. This part shall include a list of ‘Dos and Donts’. The messages/content section should also include sensitivity needs to be considered by authorities.
  5. Goals: The expert shall provide detailed information on ‘how to set communication goals’ and issues that need to be considered while setting these goals and their implementation.
  6. Implementation: It is vital to have clear guidelines and information on importance of correct implementation of the communication strategy among different target audience, using different platforms and via different messages. Therefore, the Expert is required to provide thorough and clear information/guidelines in view of the implementation of said strategy by the Turkish authorities.
  7. Measurement/M&E: Guideline and recommendation on monitoring, evaluation and measurement of the effectiveness of communication strategy and work carried out. 


The Short-Term Expert for Drafting Concept Document for a Communication Strategy for Reaching Migrants is expected to provide the following deliverables:

- Concept Document including Communication guidelines for reaching irregular migrants in Turkey

There shall be a submission of a draft deliverable. The final deliverables must be submitted no later than 31 December 2020.

Reporting lines 

The Expert will report to the Ms. Semra Özgür (SUPREME Project Manager) who will be in charge of the overall supervision both in terms of administrative and content issues and who will provide input and comments on deliverables as needed.


University degree (Bachelor’s degree or higher) in communication, international relations, development studies, social or political science, migration studies or related field. 

Qualifications and Experience

  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience and extensive migration knowledge and experience in elaborating communication guidelines,
  • Knowledge of Turkey’s institutional and regulatory framework,
  • Migration-related experience with International Organizations,
  • Knowledge of return policies and in particular assisted voluntary return policy making strategies is a strong asset,
  • Prior experience on and comprehensive understanding of effective service delivery, community engagement, outreach, counselling and migration issues,
  • Good background or knowledge on economic, social, political developments in countries of origin, among which Afghanistan and Pakistan, is a strong asset,
  • Proficiency in English Language,
  • Proficiency in Turkish language is considered as an asset. 

Background information/documentation to be provided by ICMPD

  • SUPREME project description,
  • Templates (timesheet, payment claim) 

Administrative Information 

  • Payment 

Fees for the assignment are paid upon satisfactory delivery of services, in line with the payment schedule stated in the contract and upon submission of required documentation. 

Application Process

Interested experts should send their CV with a reference to this announcement in the subject line of the email to, and address it to Ms. Semra Özgür, Project Manager. 


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