Call for Youth Work Expert

Project: Youth work in the context of integration of young refugees and migrants in Austria (YRMA)


With growing challenges related to the effective integration of young refugees and migrants into the society in Austria, this 21- month project aims to support the Austrian authorities in improving the administrative and strategic capacity to create and implement comprehensive policies/mechanisms to connect and coordinate the actors involved in youth work and the integration of young refugees and migrants. The project targets relevant Austrian governmental and non-governmental stakeholders on municipal, federal and national level involved in the work in these particular areas. The project will help to improve the knowledge of relevant stakeholders regarding youth work and integration policies leading to better suited programmes and projects for young refugees and migrants. The project will result in a situation analysis report assessing the current conditions as well as a comprehensive support package for Austrian stakeholders regarding youth work in Austria in the context of integration. Furthermore, the project will coordinate and strengthen the cooperation between key actors in the fields of youth work and integration.


Specific objectives

1.    To assess the current situation regarding youth work in Austria in the context of integration;
2.    To develop a comprehensive support package, including the policy and institutional context and recommendations for coordinated youth work in the context of integration, Austrian stakeholder mapping, analysis regarding networks and decision-making mechanisms, good practices, as well as indicators for monitoring, evaluation and learning;
3.    To improve coordination between key actors in the fields of youth work and integration at all political levels (municipal, federal and national).


List of key areas to be covered by the expert

•    Austrian and European youth work and integration policies, tools and frameworks (e.g. EU Youth Strategy, EC Action Plan on the integration of third country nationals, Austrian Youth Strategy, National Action Plan for Integration, etc.);
•    Institutional landscape and stakeholder analysis in youth work and integration in Austria;
•    Good practice examples of youth work in Austria and selected European countries;
•    Different pillars of youth work, including open youth work, Austrian National Youth Council, Youth Associations, Youth Information Network, etc.;
•    Emerging practices of intercultural/integrational work in Austrian youth work;

Role of expert

•    Provide technical assistance and participation for expert consultations;
•    Conduct research and assessments;
•    Reviewing and formulation of policy documents/ recommendations;
•    Drafting of reports;
•    Participate at workshops and project events, related to the areas listed above.


Profile of expert

•    Proven expertise (practical and/or academic knowledge and experience) in youth work in Europe (in general) and Austria (specifically) is essential;
•    Expertise (practical and/or academic knowledge and experience) in the field of integration (European and national leve) a clear advantage;
•    Expertise in analysis and development of recommendation papers, guidelines, procedures, indicators, criteria, etc. in the fields of youth work and/or integration;
•    Expertise in institutional development and capacity building;
•    Substantial knowledge and experience in preparation and delivering of training/workshop sessions related to youth work and/or integration;
•    Experience in working with government counterparts;
•    Excellent oral and written German (native) and English language skills;
•    Excellent analytical skills;
•    Presentation and moderation skills;
•    Ability to work on own initiative as well as a member of a team;
•    The expert should be available for short- or mid-term assignments including at a relatively short notice.


Application process

Experts interested to engage in the YRMA project are kindly invited to apply through sending their updated CV and indicating their experience in the topical fields and skills listed above to the following e-mail address:


Download the Call for Youth Work Experts here.


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