DGMM III Project

“Strengthening the Operational and Strategic Capacity of the Directorate General of Migration Management of Turkey”

A) Project description

The DGMM III project “Strengthening the operational and strategic capacity of the Directorate General of Migration Management of Turkey” aims at strengthening the operational and strategic capacity of the Directorate General for Migration Management of Turkey (DGMM) through providing support to the DGMM in enhancing capacities for developing strategies, policies and operational procedures in selected areas of migration.

The project is funded by the United Kingdom and ICMPD is responsible for the management and implementation of the projects.

B) Background 

With the entry into force in April 2013 of the new Law on Foreigners and International Protection of Turkey, which law regulates the entry and stay of foreigners in Turkey as well as all matters related to international protection; the DGMM was established and became operational in April 2014 as Turkey’s new specialised migration management authority.

ICMPD has been implementing projects in Turkey, focusing primarily on topics related to migration management and policy development, but also providing support to the establishment and capacity development of DGMM as an institution.

The DGMM III is preceded by respectively the DGMM I and DGMM II projects, which have aimed at providing support to the institutional development and enhancing operational capacity of the DGMM in selected areas of migration management, such as legal migration, irregular migration and international protection, including temporary protection. Furthermore, 3 other projects, namely eSRAC, PREDOC and READMIC projects, have aimed at providing support to DGMM in establishing a capacity in DGMM for conducting migration risk analyses and developing a pre-departure travel document and visa control system in countries of origin as well as training the DGMM staff on the effective implementation of the EU-TR Readmission Agreement.

C) Objectives and Key Areas to be covered by the Project

Building upon the outcomes of the previous projects, DGMM III project envisages strengthening the operational and strategic capacity of the DGMM and developing strategies and policies in different areas of migration, among which legal migration, irregular migration, return and readmission, as well as in other selective fields of migration.Specifically, the main objectives of the DGMM III project are as following:

  1. Strengthening capacity of DGMM in the field of Legal Migration,
  2. Ensuring support to DGMM in the establishment of a National Assisted Voluntary Return mechanism,
  3. Enhancing operational capacity and procedures in the field of Return and Readmission,
  4. Providing support to DGMM in selective strategic and operational migration areas.

Given the objectives of the DGMM III project, the expert(s) may be required to assist in the performance of assignments in the following specific areas:

  1. Strategy and Policy development in Legal Migration;
  2. Development of Assisted Voluntary Return Mechanisms and Procedures,
  3. Development of Effective Return and Readmission policy and procedures,
  4. Development of Forced Return Procedures with Charter Flights,
  5. Conduct of Migration Risk Analyses and Risk Management,
  6. Effective border (control) management and pre-departure and boarding control systems,
  7. Development of Regional and International Cooperation Strategy in Migration. 

D) Short Term Experts involvement

Experts will be recruited to deliver inputs in line with the above key areas addressed by the project and to support ICMPD in providing technical assistance, conducting desk research, drafting policy and strategy papers and comparative studies, drafting of guidelines and working procedures as well as the elaboration and implementation of expert consultations, workshops, tailor-made trainings and seminars. 

E) Desired profile of Experts 

  1. Practical and/or academic knowledge and experience in one or more of the migration areas and sub-areas mentioned in the above listed topics of the project,
  2. Experience in institutional development and capacity building,
  3. Experience in drafting policy and strategy papers,
  4. Experience in drafting guidelines, (internal) working procedures, recommendations,
  5. Training and facilitation skills,
  6. Excellent drafting skills,
  7. Excellent oral and written English (knowledge of Turkish will be considered an asset)
  8. Previous practical and/or academic experience and knowledge in the region and in countries of origin will be considered an asset<br>

Procedure for expression of interest:

Experts interested to take part in the project, are kindly invited to apply through sending their updated CV and indicating their area of interest and expertise, to the following email address (dgmmIII@icmpd.org). 

Experts' CVs will be added to the expert roster, which is an internal tool that will be used solely for the purpose of above project activities. The CVs will be selected from the roster in order to facilitate a possible recruitment of experts on a short term basis as consultants to work on specific project activities. The exact duration of engagement will be determined separately for each activity.

A PDF of the announcement can be downloaded here.   


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