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Call for experts: ICT Service Architect


The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is an international organisation with 18 Member States and about 350 staff members. Active in more than 90 countries worldwide, it takes a regional approach in its work to create efficient cooperation and partnerships along migration routes. Priority regions include Africa, Central and South Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Its three-pillar approach to migration management – structurally linking research, migration dialogues and capacity building – contributes to better migration policy development worldwide. The Vienna-based organisation has a mission in Brussels, a regional office in Malta and project offices in several countries. ICMPD receives funding from its Member States, the European Commission, the UN and other multilateral institutions, as well as bilateral donors. Founded in 1993, ICMPD holds UN observer status and cooperates with more than 200 partners including EU institutions and UN agencies.


Overall objective

The overall objective of this Call for Experts (CfE) is the provision of Consultancy Services (the Services) to ICMPD.



ICMPD selected - through a competitive procedure - a commercial partner to whom it intends to entrust the provision of outsourced services for parts of its ICT service landscape. In this context, the chosen approach is to maximise use of outsourced services to the extent that it makes business sense, whilst at the same time considering that some tailored ICT services will be kept in-house.

As part of this project, ICMPD is looking for a Service Architect (the Expert) to support the Organisation in the final definition, negotiation and implementation of the outsourcing arrangements with the selected outsourcing partner, to support ICMPD in the design and implementation of interfaces to ICT services kept in-house, and to ensure a smooth transition towards the new service delivery model. 

The Expert shall directly report to the ICMPD Director, Resources and Operations Management (D/ROM) and shall closely cooperate with the Head of ICT Unit.

Specific work

The Services shall include, but are not limited to, supporting ICMPD in its negotiations with the outsourcing partner for the definition, implementation and documentation of:

1. the ICMPD ICT service landscape, including expected service and operating levels;

2. the architectural design of ICT Service Management solutions, according to customer needs and ensuring the integrity, security and consistency of the elements of the overall service architecture;

3. the future delivery model for each of the services defined above; 

4. the estimation of  resources and cost profiles for the services, if any, which are not proposed for outsourcing;

5. the service and operating level agreements, related cost and contractual arrangements for the services to be provided by the outsourcing partner;

6. the transition approach towards the new service delivery model.

In the execution of the above Services, the Expert shall interface with the selected outsourcing partner as required.

Remuneration for the services shall be provided in the form of daily rates.



Start date, steps & period of implementation

The intended start date is upon contract signature and the completion of the work is expected by end of Q1 2021.



Relevant and demonstrated experience in the successful delivery of similar Services - together with price considerations - is the key requirement in the selection of an Expert for the delivery of the Services described in this CfE. 

To demonstrate such experience, the tenderer shall submit CV and evidence of work done in the fields of activity described in this CfE.

In this context, the ICMPD minimum requirements in terms of qualifications and skills are:

- Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant ICT discipline;

- At least 10 years’ professional experience in specifying, designing, and managing ICT services in several of the domains required (Workplace, Networks, Telecommunications, Enterprise Applications, Cloud Services/Virtualisation, Service Management) with customer accountability for performance and satisfaction) demonstrated by at least 3 references of previous clients;

- Knowledge and experience of set-up, implementation and management of ITIL frameworks, performance management systems based on service level agreements, Business Continuity programmes, in both insourced and outsourced environments, are required;

- Demonstrated abilities in facilitating group discussion and consensus;

- Spoken and written fluency in English.



Intellectual property

Any intellectual property developed or provided by the Expert, including in the response to this tender, shall be available to the ICMPD for its usage, free of charge.

Office costs

Office costs incurred by the Expert when working off-site ICMPD, including running costs, shall be included in the fee rates.  

Facilities and equipment to be provided by the contractor

It is assumed that - when working off-site ICMPD - the Expert shall use own facilities and equipment for the provision of the Services.The ICMPD shall not be held liable for the provision of any facilities, equipment, infrastructure or services that are not explicitly indicated in this CfE or in the contract related to these Services.

No equipment shall be purchased on behalf of ICMPD as part of this service contract without prior explicit approval by ICMPD.

Travel expenditures

The cost of travels between the Expert’s place of residence and the ICMPD HQ in Vienna as well as any other travels undertaken as part of this contract shall be duly authorized by ICMPD and reimbursed in line with the costs estimation approved by ICMPD prior to the authorised travel.



Reporting requirements

A written report, in English, shall be prepared by the Expert not later than 15 days after the end of each step indicated under “Specific work” above. The ICMPD shall approve the reports or provide indication of the changes to be made to it within one week from the delivery of such report.

Approval by ICMPD of each report shall be the pre-requisite for payment of the remuneration due.  



The overall principle of best-value-for-money shall be applied for the selection of the best tenderer.

In this context, a weighting of 60% quality and 40% price (as quoted in the financial offer) shall be applied during the evaluation of bids received.

The quality criteria shall be measured using the below table:

Criteria Maximum points

1. Methodological approach as well as and clarity and coverage of scope of the proposal. 40

2. Qualifications and experiences, including references from previous clients. 60



Interested candidates are requested to submit their responses to this Call for Experts via email (in English) to the email address: angiolo.rolli@icmpd.org, including:

a) Brief description of the approach proposed for the delivery of the Services, including estimated effort, planned activities, and related schedule;

b) Updated CV;

c) Applicable daily rates;

d) At least 3 references of previous clients.


The deadline for the submission of responses is Sunday 2 August 2020 23:59, Vienna time.

ICMPD retains the discretion to re-advertise or cancel this Call for Expert.


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