Pilot Local Common Use Facility Grant Scheme for Gaziantep and Şanliurfa - ENHANCER project

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Published on: 12.10.2020

Updated on: 23.10.2020

Call for proposal documents

One of the main targets of ENHANCER Project is to make soft interventions to the entrepreneurship ecosystem institutions to deliver better services for Syrians under temporary protection (SuTPs) and local host communities (LHCs) to ensure the establishment and maintenance of businesses through cooperation between actors in the ecosystem. In this respect, grants will be provided to upgrading of existing or new local common use facilities.

Considering that development of entrepreneurship is a challenge for developing societies, especially SuTPs, due to many factors including lack of investment facilities, it becomes very vital to increase the number and quality of business supporting facilities. In order to support and motivate the development of entrepreneurship, Local Common Use Facilities (LCUFs) have been introduced as a strategy to enhance entrepreneurship development of SuTPs and LHCs.


ICMPD respectfully invites the interested organisations to submit an application for the call for proposals:


Pilot Local Common Use Facility Grant Scheme for Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa


Application submission deadline: 6 November 2020 at 17h Ankara local time.


The Guidelines for Applicants can be downloaded here.

Documents to be completed can be downloaded here.

Documents for information can be downloaded here.


Published on 21.09.2020.