TOR - Online Platform Development Vendor, RELEC


RELEC stands for Regional Law Enforcement Cooperation on irregular migration, migrant smuggling and human trafficking. It is an initiative among the five Silk Routes countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey; its main objective is to enhance regional cooperation on combatting irregular migration, migrant smuggling and human trafficking.

This cooperation is funded and supported by the EU, through the project “Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes Countries” and facilitated by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). It aims at establishing a better transnational response against criminal networks involved in migration related crimes. The initiative envisages the establishment of National Contact Points (NCPs), the exchange of statistical data and the establishment of an early warning information system. Its activities shall be guided by and implemented under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to be signed by the appropriate authority of each participating country.

Once signed, ICMPD will facilitate the operationalisation of the MoU and the cooperation amongst the six countries. Each country will nominate a National Contact Point who will be trained on gathering, distributing and analysing the agreed-upon statistical information; processing and sending the quarterly statistical reports, and early-warning messages. The exchange of information and statistical data on irregular migration, migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings shall furthermore contribute to the general co-operation among the countries and support the planning and implementation of national and international activities.

The Parties agreed to establish a web-based platform to support and facilitate the information exchange, which is to be carried out in accordance with the respective national legislation.

Objective of this TOR is to hire an established information technology company to develop and launch a user-friendly, active and meaningful web-platform for the RELEC initiative, which shall have the following features:

-       Security. The platform should not be public and should have a restricted access available only to selected parties.

o   Access should be secure;

o   Access to the platform should be possible from different countries from workstations and, possibly also, mobile devices/tablets. The platform/ integrated tools are backed up in a secure fashion. Platform integrated tools are regularly updated with the required security patches and levels of security required.

-       The online platform should have five key components:

o   Document section: storage of different kinds of documents in different formats. This “mini Library” should have the options for downloading (for users) and uploading (for administrator) of the documents, comments section (moderated by the administrator);

o   Chat room: online forum for discussion that has a possibility of creating separate topics, subtopics (moderated by administrator);

o   Newsroom: section of a web-platform where “What’s new” is being published (by administrator). This section should have a RSS-type news aggregator that allows users to access updates to online content from different trusted news webpages specifically on the topic of border security, irregular migration, migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings.

o   Early warning messaging: a section of a web-platform that allows users (any user) to enter data into a standardised form and “inform” / “alert” all the other users or selected users about the information entered. Statistical overview of the early warning messaging should be possible to generate permanently, and it should display, number of messages, senders and recipients, responses from other users to such messages.

o   Reporting and analysis section. This section of a platform should be a heart of the system and work as an analytical engine. Every user periodically has to enter data (figures and text descriptions) into standardised forms where the data is being compiled together automatically and generates a report that displays combined figures from all entries. The information should automatically be converted in a form (to be developed) of a report, and could be displayed in many layers (including comparison option). It should also be a possibility to convert entered data into charts, graphics and diagrams. The algorithm developed should be able to compare and display accumulated periodically (quarterly and annually) information in one or several separate reports, and to have a sorting option/function (i.e. by country, by certain period, by topic/subject or other parameter). Every entry by single user should be followed by an automatically generated e-mail to all other users notifying them about a new entry.

-       Webpage design. The interface of the platform should be simple but smart, visually and aesthetically appealing, user-friendly, self-explanatory, easy to navigate. The web design should be responsive to render well on mobile devices.

-       Platform’s administration. It should be easily navigable, self-explanatory, flexible and adjustable to the needs of platform development. The administrator should be able to manage analytics and statistics and see the information and analysis that measures how visitors use the platform. The Admin should also be able to see trends user traffic and platform usage patterns.

-       Ownership and management of a platform. The administrator should be able to add or change content, add or change authorised users as needed to meet operational requirements.

-       Language. The online platform shall be in English. However, it should support other fonts (in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Bangla – right to left writing) in case some documentation is uploaded in those languages.

-       Maintenance and support: developer should be able to provide support, debugging and maintenance of the platform where and when needed without any additional charges in case of small-scale improvements. Large-scale works/ improvements/ restructuring should be agreed between ICMPD and the developer.

Target audience:

-       The target audience/users of the web-based platform are officially appointed / nominated government (law enforcement) officials working in the respective national bodies responsible to combat irregular migration, migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings.


The hired vendor will be required to perform and complete the tasks identified in the below activity sequence within the timeline specified in tentative work plan section. The project would be amenable to a phased approach to the requirements, if or as appropriate:

1.      Activity 1: Development of a detailed concept note and design proposal, including methodology, functions, possibilities etc.

2.      Activity 2: Development and testing a of the test version of the RELEC web platform online

3.      Activity 3: Launch of the official online platform, including transfer of rights, if applicable, and training of users.

4.      Activity 4: Debugging, updating and tweaking of the RELEC web platform and development (if needed), testing and launch of a mobile application – if applicable. Overseeing and support of the live functioning of the platform


The assignment will be considered complete on:

§  Successful launch of the web platform and handover to ICMPD

§  Transfer of all user rights and installation to ICMPD

§  Submission of all required documents (i.e. reports)

§  The vendor ensures that the web platform is secure through various tests

§  Providing training and guidance to ICMPD on using the platform



Detailed schedule and action plan will be discussed and agreed with the selected vendor.

The envisaged live launch date is 30 April 2019.

Reporting lines

On a bi-weekly/weekly/regular basis, the vendor will report to Ms. Isabelle Wolfsgruber, Project Manager RELEC and Mr. Roman Makukha, Associate Project Officer who will be in charge of the overall supervision both in terms of administrative and content issues and who will provide input and comments on deliverables as needed.

Qualifications and Experience

§  Proven experience of web design/development and support in the international sector.

§  Proven experience in the development of secure websites and sensitive data management.

§  Strong experience in developing in well-known and widely used open source platforms, such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.

§  Understanding of end users needs to match with adequate technical solutions.

§  Strong track record in web site design; security and administration;

§  Proactive verification by the contractor that ICMPD, as a client, is satisfied with the service provided.

Material to be provided by ICMPD

§  Detailed information about the project and clarifications on the vision/requirements of the web-based platform

§  Any other relevant documents



Administrative Information

Selection process

ICMPD expects to shortlist three companies based on quality of submitted documents, focusing on the understanding of the scope, objectives, methodology, implementation and maintenance plans as well as the completeness of responses, and quality of the proposed approach. The shortlisted parties will be invited to a Skype meeting where they can present the proposal and we can discuss further details of the project, expectations and implementation plans and clarify any further questions.

Our team expects to name a successful vendor within 10 days of the last interview. The RELEC initiative and ICMPD reserves the right not to invite anyone to present and reserves the right not to offer any of the candidates a contract.

Below is the schedule for the application and selection process:



Submission of expression of interest and related documents

24 October – 7 November 2018

Review submitted documents and contact shortlisted companies

7 November – 17 November 2018

Interviews with shortlisted companies

17 November – 23 November 2018

Select and sign contract with selected company

26 November – 28 November 2018


Submission of proposals

Interested vendor should provide the proposal including below information in English and not exceeding than 15 pages:

-       Letter of expression of interest

-       Executive summary of the proposal

-       Technical proposal (methodology, technology, work and maintenance plan)

-       A brief profile of the company (maximum two pages)

-       A list of executed assignments similar to this project. This list must include complete website addresses and the name and contact information of the client representative

-       The vendor should provide a brief implementation plan demonstrating the time frame and milestones for the design, development, testing, debugging and the launch.

-       Information sheet with a list of the key team members, key duties on this assignment and amount of time dedicated to this project and their CVs (no more than two pages for each person)

-       Financial proposal (separate) which must include the following:

a) Rates for all services provided (as per each activity)

b) Rates and explanation of charges to execute assignment

c) A brief statement on how the services offer good value for money

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 7 November 2018. Incomplete proposals will be disqualified and not considered for evaluation.

Payment Information

For payment of the fees for the assignment, the company needs to submit the following documents - on the templates provided by ICMPD and in line with the payment schedule stated in the contract:

  • original reports in English, duly completed in line with instructions, dated and signed; 
  • signed payment claim(s) / invoices 

The payment to the bank account indicated by the company will be processed after certification by ICMPD that the required services have been satisfactorily performed.

Mr. Roman Makukha


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