Current Procurement Notices & Calls for Proposals

Following the publication of the new set of ICMPD Procurement and Contracting Rules, Procurement Team would like to inform that:

-    For all tenders and RFQ published AFTER 15 July  2020, the new Procurement and Contracting rules applies.

-    For all tenders and RFQ published BEFORE 15 July 2020, the former Procurement and Contracting rules applies.

New and previous Procurement rules can be reached on our website here.

For any question, clarification, please contact

Tenderers shall be advised that ICMPD does not use procurement agents. Any approach by a third party claiming to be an official agent from ICMPD should be reported to ICMPD procurement team immediately at
Kindly note that ICMPD does not charge any fee at any stage of its procurement process (vendor registration, tender submission) or other fee.  Visit our website to see the latest business opportunities with ICMPD.


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