Building on 13 years of experience, Tunisia and ICMPD deepen cooperation

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Building on 13 years of experience, Tunisia and ICMPD deepen cooperation

VIENNA, 10 June 2015 - The Republic of Tunisia and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development signed a Cooperation Agreement to address the challenges the country is facing due to the current migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Together, they will work in close partnership to make migration a positive force for development and progress. 

Debates on the ineffectiveness of current frameworks for migration in the Mediterranean region have intensified since the recent loss of life at sea. As North Africa and Europe are reviewing their policy responses, Tunisia and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) are deepening their cooperation.

ICMPD will support the government of Tunisia in developing a comprehensive migration strategy and promoting lasting cooperation with Europe with a view to making migration better in the Mediterranean region - better meaning safe, legal and voluntary.

In a region reeling from the effects of the Arab Spring, which re-shaped migratory flows in the Mediterranean, Tunisia succeeded in its transition and made remarkable efforts to pave the way for the formulation of a comprehensive, coherent and balanced approach to migration management.

"Tunisia plays a key role in the European-African migratory context. Traditionally an emigration country, it has become a transit country or destination for hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from crises and war in the region" Ms Gabriela Abado, Acting Director General of ICMPD, said upon the signature of the cooperation agreement. "We should keep in mind that migration is about people and ICMPD is committed to support Tunisia in finding solutions for them."

In an effort to address humanitarian concerns of refugees and to find comprehensive response to complex challenges - including unemployment and labour migration, a pressing issue - Tunisia has already received support from the European Union and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in the past. Building on this experience, the Republic of Tunisia and ICMPD have signed the Cooperation Agreement to widen their cooperation.

Mr Ghazi Jomaa, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in Vienna, said: "In view of ICMPD's experience in and knowledge, as well as its networks and the high level of confidence that national and European stakeholders put in the organisation, ICMPD is best positioned to support us." 


Background information 

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), established in 1993, is an international organisation that works in migration-related fields. Although ICMPD has a European basis, it carries out its activities throughout the world, including in Europe, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Through its six Competence Centres, ICMPD provides its 15 Member States and numerous partners with in-depth knowledge and expertise in dealing with the phenomena of migration. It does so through using a holistic 3-pillar approach: research, capacity building and migration dialogues. 

Since 2002, Tunisia and ICMPD have worked together on the following initiatives and projects: 


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