Policy and Research

ICMPD is a knowledge-based organisation. In our operations, which range from research and policy analysis, to dialogue facilitation and capacity development initiatives, we accumulate substantial data and insights. Our networks and the variety of stakeholders we engage with – at various levels of government; regional and international organisations; academia, non-governmental, civil society and migrant organisations – as well as the geographic span of our activities, our focus on routes and regions, inform our policy and research outputs. This unique positioning enables us to process and analyse migration related information in a holistic way and produce high-quality, policy-relevant knowledge products. We conduct policy-oriented, empirical research using an interdisciplinary and international approach, and are regularly tasked to produce tailor-made analyses on specific aspects of migration within our scope of operations. Our aim is to deliver innovative and effective policy inputs aimed at addressing the migration-related opportunities in, and challenges now confronting Europe, emerging along key migration routes and affecting the vital regions in which we work.

We are the only migration organisation structurally linking policy and research, migration dialogues and capacity building. We facilitate synergies within and beyond the research community and respond to the demand for more policy relevant input to the migration discourse. A key area of work is to distil relevant knowledge, policy analysis and operational findings from the various activities in our priority regions, with the objective to provide input to our member states and other strategic partners via policy discussions, briefs, papers and specifically tailored services. Furthermore, we maintain one of the largest collections of migration-specific literature in our library. 



We deliver policy analysis and advice to equip our member states and partners with the evidence-informed policy inputs and ideas needed to move the migration policy debate, governance frameworks and operations in productive, meaningful and pioneering directions. Our aim is to provide platforms for dialogue, consultation and exchange on important policy issues: to engage, convene and connect key groups of thought leaders and decision-makers for the development of new policy options needed to pursue more effective solutions to our contemporary migration challenges.

More information about our Policy work can be found here.



Our aim is to further knowledge on migration-related issues, to facilitate cooperation and synergy within and beyond the research community and to respond to an increased demand for a more policy-relevant research. We have built a reputation for research on international migration trends, patterns and policies in the wider European context based on comparative analysis. This work is policy-oriented and empirical with an interdisciplinary and international approach. By delivering evidence garnered from and based on our multi-faceted and policy-focused migration expertise, we provide our partners with the critical inputs and options they need to fashion their own formal and informal engagements with migration. 

More information about our research work can be found here.

Lukas Gehrke

Director Policy, Research & Strategy, Deputy Director General

Malin Frankenhaeuser

Head of Policy

Veronika Bilger

Head of Research