ICMPD Migration Outlook

ICMPD’s Migration Outlook presents a brief analysis of migration and policy trends and provides an outlook on developments and events to watch out for this year. 

Thus, the outlook does not claim to foretell the future or to cover all relevant trends. It wants to use past experience and highlight what might happen and is important to consider.

In addition, there are also in-depth issues of the outlook by ICMPD region. They are prepared within the Regional Coordination Offices and build on unique local expertise. 

ICMPD Migration Outlook 2024

2024 will be another challenging year for EU migration policy. Below is a non-exhaustive list of trends and developments that will be high on the agenda of decision-makers and analysts alike. The ten issues to look out for in 2024 will be:

  1. New record displacement levels due to war and conflict
  2. The intertwining of geopolitics and migration
  3. A further securitization of migration
  4. A rise in secondary movements
  5. A growing number of migrants in countries in crisis
  6. Migration's pivotal role on election campaigns
  7. The EU’s emphasis on external processing of asylum
  8. Labour migration’s ‘coming of age’ in Europe
  9. The economic integration of Ukrainians under temporary protection
  10. Changes to EU visa policy to reduce irregular arrivals