The Organisation

Michael Spindelegger

Director General

Lukas Gehrke

Director Policy, Research & Strategy, Deputy Director General

Ralph Genetzke

Director ICMPD Brussels Mission

Sedef Dearing

Director Migration Dialogues & Cooperation

ICMPD's organisational structure

Migration is a global, cross-regional and transnational concept. In order to ensure the best possible results in its work, ICMPD’s structure is decentralised and based on the principle of worldwide mobility. Hierarchies are flat and decisions are implemented timely.

ICMPD’s Headquarters is located in Vienna. Alongside the Mission in Brussels, it has a leading role in steering the organisation. There are 33 field-and project offices under the coordination of Regional Offices across ICMPD’s five priority regions.

ICMPD has 20 Member States which form a Steering Group that exercises general supervision of ICMPD, approve strategic decisions and appoint the Director General for a period of 5 years. Decisions are taken based on the majority principle. The Steering Group is chaired by a different member state each year (rotation principle). 

ICMPD Headquarters

Rothschildplatz 4
1020 Vienna, Austria
Fax: +43 1 504 4677 2375 +43 1 504 4677 0