Vienna Migration Conference

Making progress and finding common ground in the ever-changing and divisive policy area that is migration requires a platform for a continuous, structured debate and open discourse. The yearly Vienna Migration Conference (VMC) provides just that: a trusted space for frank exchanges, where decision makers, thought leaders and practitioners discuss the latest developments and trends and outline their visions for the road ahead – on stage, in side talks and through networking.

VMC2024 is scheduled to take place on 22-23 October and will offer two days of discussion and debate on pressing migration issues for Europe and its partners, delving into a range of factors that shape migration dynamics, policies and partnerships. The discussions aim to pinpoint solutions to current challenges and opportunities for the future.

As ICMPD’s annual flagship event and a top forum for discussion on migration in Europe and beyond, VMC sheds light on key migration-related opportunities and challenges. The conference attracts ministers as well as leading experts and practitioners from governments across the EU, Türkiye, the Western Balkans, Africa and Central Asia, in addition to top figures from international and non-governmental organisations, academia, media, civil society and the private sector. Discussions are streamed online to bring VMC to the doorsteps of the wider migration community. 

The conference provides an important opportunity for a diversity of voices to be heard, promotes clarity about different views and fosters space for compromise and cooperation to address challenges and seek opportunities together.

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What is the Vienna Migration Conference?


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