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Attracting Young Talents Contest kicks off under the scope of the EU Scholarships Project

28 February 2024


The European Union Scholarships Project launches in collaboration with ICMPD, Ankara University, Hasan Kalyoncu University, and the Marmara Municipalities Union. The initiative aims to foster higher education access and bolster employment pathways for students under temporary protection (SuTPs), international protection (IPs), and Turkish citizens. 

One project activity that stands out the most is the "Attracting Young Talents Contest. The contest serves as an engaging platform aimed at promoting skill development, fostering social cohesion, and nurturing entrepreneurship among participants. It is scheduled to take place between March and May specifically for the scholarship beneficiaries. 

The contest revolves around the theme of Socio-Economic Development and Migration Nexus, encouraging innovative projects in six key disciplines: Social Sciences and Humanities, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Business and Entrepreneurship, Education and Pedagogy, Public Policy and Administration, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration. 

A series of workshops will prepare students for the contest
Mentored by experts from academia, NGOs, and the private sector, students will collaborate in groups of 2 to 4, leveraging their diverse backgrounds to address migration-related socio-economic challenges. The contest culminates in a final round where selected finalists present their projects to a jury, with the winning final three groups receiving specialised project mastery training and professional growth opportunities. 

Through the contest, the BEURs Project aims to strengthen pathways to employment, promote skill development, foster social cohesion, and encourage innovation and collaboration. This initiative underscores ICMPD's commitment to supporting education, empowerment, and integration for students in Türkiye, contributing to their socio-economic development and broader societal advancement.

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