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CareFor project strengthens the risk analysis capacity of the Moldovan Bureau for Migration and Asylum

27 June 2022


On 27 June, the Bureau for Migration and Asylum was introduced to the external expert on risk analysis. The expert has been hired upon Bureau’s request to help the institution streamline its in-house risk analysis function amidst the current humanitarian crisis.

The humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, accompanied by new country- and regional-level security threats, has put an enormous burden on the Bureau for Migration and Asylum as a front-line response agency. Moreover, the recently acquired EU candidate status of Moldova reaffirms the country's commitment towards its European integration and reform agenda, including through reorganization of the Bureau for Migration and Asylum, among others.

Against this background, the Bureau for Migration and Asylum, a key beneficiary of the “Capacity for a Rights-Based Reception System for Moldova” (CareFor) project, asked for support in strengthening its risk analysis capacity. Thus an external risk analysis expert has been identified and embedded at the Bureau to carry out risk analysis work by systematically collecting relevant migration data, processing it, and compiling it into analytical products to support institutional decision-making. In addition, the expert will develop in-house organizational assets such as templates, procedures, tools and techniques for a self-sufficient and reliable risk analysis function at the Bureau. 

The CareFor project, funded by the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration, aims to contribute to a functioning and human-rights compliant migration management system in Moldova while addressing some of the more immediate needs caused by the unprecedented inflow of displaced people from Ukraine.

More information on the CareFor project can be found here.