Project News

EU4IBM co-organised joint visit by Ukrainian Members of Parliament and EU representatives to Zakarpattia, Ukraine

23 September 2021


From 14-16 September Members of the Ukrainian Parliament, EU officials as well as experts from several EU-funded projects visited a number of border crossing points on the common border between Ukraine and EU Member States. Its aim was to get acquainted with the available infrastructure and equipment, hear and discuss the needs and ways forward in addressing the current problems and challenges. This field visit was supported by the EU Advisory Mission and the EU4IBM project implemented by ICMPD.

While visiting the Border Check Points in Luzhanka-Beregsurany, Chop-Zahony and Uzhhorod-Vysne Nemecke, the participants had the possibility to discuss infrastructure, equipment and training needs of border guards and customs officers as well as the perspectives of introducing more efficient procedures and processes, including joint controls with the neighbouring countries. The concept of automated traffic management at Border Check Points with the use of e-tickets was also presented by the Ukrainian authorities.

EU4IBM Experts have identified the needs and opportunities to improve control processes at road BCPs which would not require extensive financial investments but can bring significant value for the ultimate customers - passengers and economic operators. In particular, substantial gains in time could be made by redesigning cargo transport control processes to eliminate unnecessary steps and optimise interactions with different authorities at BCP.

Improved procedures accompanied by modern technical and IT solutions would also increase the safety and transparency of controls by keeping records of all transport and passengers as well as of all decisions taken by the officials. This would help closing the space for corruption and prevent unlawful activities scourging the border regions on both sides.