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ICMPD Director General meets Ministers in Bulgaria

15 September 2023


On 14 September, ICMPD’s Director General Michael Spindelegger was on mission to Bulgaria, meeting the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Mariya Gabriel and the Minister of Interior, Mr. Kalin Stoyanov. 

Michael Spindelegger and Mariya Gabriel discussed the migration policy challenges faced by all European States. In the course of the meeting, both sides agreed that adequate responses require joint and coordinated efforts.

Furthermore, Kalin Stoyanov presented the measures taken by the MoI to regulate and prevent irregular entries at the Bulgarian border. Discussing Bulgaria's cooperation with neighbouring countries, Ms. Gabriel, Mr. Stoyanov, and Mr. Spindelegger outlined the importance of the close cooperation with Türkiye.

"We are making systematic efforts to better protect the EU's external borders in close cooperation with all neighboring countries and EU agencies," the Deputy Prime Minister said. 

In conclusion, Ms. Gabriel expressed her high appreciation of Bulgaria's cooperation with the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).