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ICMPD in Turkey supported the 3rd Coordination Meeting of the Socio-Economic Development Component in the framework of the FRiT Programme

08 December 2021


On 1 December 2021, the 3rd Coordination Meeting for the Socio-Economic Development Component took place in Ankara, Turkey. The meeting takes place within the Vice-Presidcency Facility for Refugees in Turkey (FRiT). ICMPD in Turkey facilitated the meeting, provided logistical support and gathered the relevant authorities, actors and beneficiaries of the programme. Implemented by ICMPD Turkey and as the beneficiary of the FRiT II Programme, the ICMPD ENHANCER project team provided secretarial support in the organisation of this important event.

The meeting was conducted to reiterate the strategic priorities of the socio-economic development component of the FRIT II Programme and to discuss possible measures to maximise the benefits of the programme. At the meeting, further actions were discussed for inclusive growth, increasing employment and enhancing the private sector’s contribution in this regard. While good practices and lessons learned were elaborated at the meeting, further steps were taken to improve coordination between institutions.

In the first part of the meeting, the policy priorities and strategy framework for the socio-economic development component and projects in implementation were underlined.  The contribution of the program and the projects implemented to the local socio-economic development goals including the ENHANCER Project implemented by ICMPD was evaluated in the second part. The last part focused on the discussion of evaluating the implementation levels of the programs and projects, good practice examples.


The European Union Delegation and the relevant institutions of Turkey, as well as the institutions and organisations involved in the project implementations, participated in the meeting.

The following institutions and organisations were present at the meeting:

Head of EU Delegation to TURKEY Nikolas Meyer-Landrut, Vice President Facility for Refugees in Turkey FRiT Chief Coordinator Fatih Alpaslan Yılmaz, Vice President of Migration Management Mehmet Sinan YILDIZ, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director-General of EU Affairs Ambassador Başak TÜRKOĞLU, Ministry of Labour and Social Security Director General of International Labour Force Sadettin AKYIL, Ministry of Industry and Technology Deputy General Director of Development Agencies Ahmet ŞİMŞEK, Secretary-General of Union of Municipalities of Turkey Birol EKİCİ ICMPD Western Balkans and Turkey Office Head of Region Tamer KILIÇ,  and representatives of public institutions, civil society and international organisations.  

The first and second Socio-Economic Development Component Coordination meetings were held in March and June 2021.