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ICMPD launches a new action in Moldova, while closing two others

29 September 2023

Moldova (Republic of)

On 27 September, ICMPD held an event in Chisinau, kicking off a new action in support of Moldovan migration sector development while also celebrating the results of two others. The event gathered management-level representatives of national authorities, the donor community, and partner NGOs. 

The purpose of the event was to present the results of the CareFor and SCOP Component 1 projects, together with the key beneficiary in Moldova - the Inspectorate General for Migration. The projects were implemented by ICMPD and funded by the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration and the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, respectively. On this occasion, ICMPD presented the new Component 3.1 of the SCOP project, funded by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. SCOP – Component 3.1 focuses on acquiring selected equipment and implementing capacity building measures for the Moldovan Border Police.

In addition to the national beneficiary authorities, diplomats from the donor countries, and the ICMPD project team, the event was also attended by other stakeholders such as representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office, NGO Law Centre of Advocates, and the National Congress of Ukrainians in Moldova.

Participants exchanged words of congratulations, appreciation, and commitment to further developing the migration and border management system in Moldova. In this regard, they also welcomed the newly launched Component 3.1. of the SCOP project which will build upon earlier efforts in a holistic and integrated manner. It was recognized that the new regional security context and Moldova’s recently gained EU candidate status call for increased joint efforts to effectively fight transnational crime, uphold the safe movement across borders, and improve the quality of services provided by migration and border authorities.

The project “Support to the Complex Improvement of Migration and Border Management in Moldova” (SCOP) is aimed at helping Moldovan authorities with the consolidation of migration and border management system in line with the EU Acquis. The objective of its Component 3.1. “Support to the Complex Improvement of Migration and Border Management in Moldova” is to strengthen Moldovan Border Police’s resilience and capacities, including effective management of the state border and response to crisis situations. The action is implemented by ICMPD and is funded by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.