In Focus

Innovating, enduring, and forward-looking: ICMPD publishes the Annual Report for 2023

02 May 2024

The Annual Report takes stock of the milestones, opportunities and challenges in the past year, along with recurring issues that have surfaced to reshape the migration discourse.

These include new developments and the changing needs from across regions, such as:

  • The rise in climate crisis-driven emigration within and across different regions in Asia and Africa; 
  • Harnessing education and youth engagement in Eastern Europe and Central Asia; 
  • Innovating solutions for complex geopolitical movements in the Mediterranean; 
  • Increased labour migration flows through the Silk Route countries; and the complex migration dynamics between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in Iraq and Kurdistan;
  • Trends, challenges, and impact of evolving migrant routes in the Western Balkans and Türkiye;
  • The highly complex online-facilitated trafficking and sexual abuse of children on the move; and
  • Forward-looking solutions for displaced populations as a result of ongoing conflicts.

As the lead in the migration dialogues, ICMPD navigates these complexities with agility, through more than 90 projects across 90 countries globally. From supporting Member States in their domestic capacities, advancing policies at the EU, to community outreach and convening partners to address the unique contexts and needs of persons on the move; ICMPD continues to work on data and research, policy development, and project implementation at all levels. 

The Report further emphasises strengthening support to Member States, streamlining country-level operations, and enhancing dialogues on migration, democracy, border security, and the safety of migrants. Equally important is collaborating with the private sector and civil society in advancing development in societies.

With ground-level perspectives from our regional leads, our Annual Report offers up-to-date numbers and insights on how our institutions can navigate the migration narrative.