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Inspire Project: Consultative workshop to develop the skills partnership scheme between Georgia and France

11 December 2023

Georgia, France

On 21-22 November 2023, the Inspire project team conducted a consultative meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, aimed at further refining the skills partnership scheme between Georgia and France. Representatives from Georgia’s public sector, as well as the private sector, spent two days providing insights and inputs on the skills partnership scheme being developed.

Discussions focused on the different components of the scheme, the modality of implementation, and the roles and responsibilities of each institution in the different steps of the scheme. Participants also analysed risks and opportunities for the future of the partnership and its implementation. 

The discussions proved to be fruitful and insightful, leading to the decision to broaden the scope of the scheme to Germany. 

Having gathered valuable insights, the Inspire team is now working on finalising the skills partnership scheme between Georgia and France. 

The Inspire project is a regional initiative designed to initiate a structured public-private dialogue on skills partnerships aimed at incubating partnership schemes between the EU Member States and partner countries from Africa, the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership region. Concretely, the project will bring together relevant public actors, European small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), partner country SMEs, industry groups, and financial institutions from the EU and the target regions into a series of national consultations and a partnership laboratory to identify current and future skills needs and propose market-led solutions for labour upskilling and skills matching.