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INSPIRE Project: Examining private sector’s interest in skills partnerships

19 December 2022

Albania, Ghana, Georgia, Kenya

The Inspire project team met with representatives of the German, French and local companies in Albania, Georgia, Ghana and Kenya throughout November-December 2022. This activity follows a stakeholder mapping exercise carried out in the four countries of origin to identify employers in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, construction and ICT sectors that may be encouraged to participate in skills partnerships.

The meetings were organised to ensure private actors’ good understanding of the goals and activities of the project, as well as gather input concerning their possible role in the partnership and desired models of partnership.

In Albania, Ghana and Kenya, exchanges with companies and their associations took place at a bilateral level to further investigate their skills needs, engagement expectations, and the needs and constraints facing the youth that the future partnership schemes will target. Where good contacts with the private sector had already been established, such as in Georgia, two workshops were held respectively for the IT and construction sectors. These were aimed at enabling sector-wide discussions on the outcomes of the stakeholder and skills needs mapping and reflecting on the contours of a model for a possible Georgia-France skills partnership.  

In general, the private sector feedback was particularly positive on the value and appeal of potential skills partnerships between Giorgia and France, Ghana and Germany, and Kenya and Germany