Press Release

Institutional Statement by ICMPD on “Frag den Staat” reporting

26 May 2023

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) would like to address the recent reporting by the German media outlet “Frag den Staat” regarding our organisation. The allegations contained in the reporting are a misrepresentation of our role and activities, reliant on exaggeration, insinuation, assertions and the use of incomplete or outdated information. We strongly refute them.

ICMPD upholds the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and respect for human rights and international norms. We adhere strictly to international legal frameworks and the rule of law and are rightly proud of a 30-year track record of promoting better migration frameworks, which include the protection of migrant rights. We have never and will never argue for the abolition, indirectly or otherwise, of asylum rights in the EU or elsewhere. Nor have we ever called for or promoted the externalisation of national or European border responsibilities to other countries. We categorically condemn any form of human rights’ violations and are unwavering in our dedication to preventing them, especially towards asylum seekers or other people on the move.

As an international organisation with UN observer status, ICMPD’s work is not conducted in isolation but is part and parcel of the efforts of a broad group of global stakeholders working in the field of migration governance including UN agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the European Union (EU), EU Member States, ICMPD Member States, and our partner countries and fellow institutions around the world. We believe passionately that migration is not a problem to be solved, but a phenomenon with challenges and opportunities that can only be addressed and realised through a people-centered and whole-of-society approach by joint efforts and working together.

ICMPD actively supports partner institutions in inter alia Ukraine, the Western Balkans, Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and across the Mediterranean to enhance their capacities and ensure the effective implementation of migration policies in full compliance with fundamental rights and international norms and standards. We work across the full spectrum of migration policies, such as integrated border management, migrant integration, legal migration, asylum and complementary pathways for resettlement, diaspora engagement, anti-trafficking and the protection of victims, education, skills and training, sustainable return and reintegration, media training and the socio-economic development of migrant communities.

For decades, ICMPD has worked to develop and promote a modern model of professionalised border management that aims at open and secure borders, with the ultimate goal to contribute to safe and orderly migration, better socio-economic development, enhanced stability and security, and combatting illicit activities such as human smuggling and trafficking.

ICMPD takes its responsibility to ensure the highest quality standards in its work extremely seriously and engages in regular monitoring and evaluation processes to assess the impact and effectiveness of our initiatives and to empower cross-organisational learning and better data management. We are constantly striving to innovate and improve in order to ensure we add value for our partners and that our work remains relevant and evidence-driven. ICMPD maintains rigorous internal oversight mechanisms to ensure the effective implementation of our programmes, and is accountable to its Member States, partners and donors. Any instances of perceived mismanagement are thoroughly investigated and addressed promptly. Employees are dedicated to professionalism, respect for diversity and act with integrity. Internal frameworks are in place to ensure the promotion of a respectful workplace at ICMPD.

We recognise the role of critical, ethical and responsible journalism in shaping discourse and policy-making on migration. Constructive and evidence-based scrutiny is crucial in identifying areas for improvement and driving positive change. ICMPD welcomes opportunities for dialogue, engagement, and collaboration with journalists, civil society, and migration stakeholders to address concerns, clarify misconceptions, and enhance the understanding of our work. We will continue our efforts to provide insight into our initiatives, disseminate the results of our work and engage in open dialogue.

In conclusion, ICMPD stands firm in its commitment to deliver its core mandate of promoting effective migration governance centered around migrant rights, and advancing the ideals of mutually beneficial migration partnerships through international cooperation and dialogue.