Lessons Learned Conference for the first phase of “Document Security in Jordan” Project

26 July 2022


On 20 July, ICMPD in partnership with the Public Security Directorate and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, organised a “Lessons Learned Conference of the Document Security Project in Jordan” in Amman. The conference aimed to highlight the main achievements and success of this pilot project, in addition to presenting lessons learned and good practices in the field of document security.

Brigadier General Dr. Mutasem Abu Shattal, Assistant Director of Public Security for Management and Logistic Support, praised the importance of the capacity-building and development programs implemented by the project, stressing that the practical and specialized training had a great impact in strengthening the national expertise working in the residency directorates and different border centers. Furthermore, a pool of national experts has been trained, certified and is ready to transfer the technical knowledge and skills to other colleagues.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Jordan, H. E. Mr. Harry Verweij, stated, “Security is an important factor for stability in any country. Together with ICMPD, the Netherlands is training security forces in Jordan on document security. We believe that knowledge is power and that well-trained experts in this field will add to a secure and stable living environment.”

The Document Security Project in Jordan is a result of the close cooperation and tireless efforts between the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as well as the security institutions in Jordan, headed by the Public Security Directorate. Document Security Jordan has strengthened the capabilities of the Borders and Residence Department officials to apply advanced standards in the field of document security. The goal of this pilot project was to enhance the exchange of information related to document security, to establish an equipped document security laboratory within the Forensic Laboratory Department with the necessary technology. The project has carried out many specialised trainings such as training on the security features of travel documents and information exchange mechanism on fraudulent travel documents.

The Document Security in Jordan project is implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), with the ultimate goal to create a comprehensive, sustainable and future-oriented border management system, through capacity building of relevant institutions in the document security field. The key message is the importance of deepening the knowledge of the national trainers on document security and information sharing in this field.