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Migrant Resource Centre Pakistan promotes safe and informed migration in Kharian

18 October 2023


Thursday, 5 October, the Migrant Resource Centre Pakistan organised a significant community awareness session in Kharian, district Gujrat. The aim of this event was to raise awareness and empower more than 120 outgoing, aspirant, and returning migrants, and their families. The session focused on the importance of safe and informed migration practices. This event received substantial attention and participation from a diverse range of stakeholders dedicated to supporting migrant communities. Distinguished attendees included representatives from the EU Delegation, the Embassies of Norway and France, the Federal Investigation Agency, the Social Welfare and Labour Departments, local community organizations, and the media.

This event featured comprehensive discussions, informative presentations, and interactive sessions highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with migration. Topics covered included the promotion of legal migration, awareness of irregular migration and its dangers, protection of migrants’ rights, and access to support services. The presence of esteemed guests from diplomatic missions and government agencies underscored the commitment to ensuring the well-being of migrants and their families. MRC Pakistan continues to be a driving force in promoting safe migration practices and providing essential guidance to individuals and families embarking on migration journeys. 

The event's success serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of organisations and government entities in their pursuit of safer and more informed migration in Pakistan. MRC Pakistan remains committed to its mission of empowering migrants and enhancing awareness surrounding migration-related issues.

The outreach session was conducted under the framework of PROTECT project, funded by the European Union.