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MOBILAZE2 Project: Launch of new integration programme in cooperation with the State Migration Service Azerbaijan

15 February 2023


In the framework of the EU-funded “Support to the Implementation of the Mobility Partnership with Azerbaijan (MOBILAZE 2)" implemented by International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), ICMPD and State Migration Service (SMS), is announcing an Integration Programme for migrants and refugees living in Azerbaijan.

The pilot programme launched to strengthen institutional capacities to provide integration services to foreigners, including refugees. Two integration consultants were recruited to provide integration support to the target group.

The Programme will offer the following activities:

  1. Orientation services, including language support for the newcomers who speak no/very little Azerbaijani to navigate to and plan appointments with the doctor’s office, language courses, notary service, city registration, and available cultural and educational services in the community.
  2. Health services include ensuring access to health and social services for migrants and refugees
  3. Employment and education services include the referral of migrants and refugees to employment and education services based on their needs.
  4. Cultural and educational services include the organisation of events for the exchange of national and cultural values and the establishment of social relations (networking)
  5. Additional support services include the provision of support for learning the Azerbaijani language

Foreigners, including refugees residing in Azerbaijan, can apply for the programme.


For the Integration Programme for migrants and refugees apply via the following contacts:

Address: 189 Ataturk avenue, Baku Regional Migration Department

Work hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

Contact numbers: +994552142450; +994775820050

The programme is planned to be operational until February, 2024.