Project News

RRR-MFA/SMS UA Project Handover of two vehicles to the State Migration Service of Ukraine

08 September 2023


On 6 September, the official handover of two vehicles took place within the framework of the ongoing project ‘Resilience, Reinforcement and Recovery of Ukrainian Migration and Consular Services (RRR-MFA/SMS UA). The project is funded by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) under the Ministry of Interior of Germany.   

The project aims to contribute to the resilience, reinforcement and recovery of Ukrainian migration and consular governance by strengthening the capacities of national authorities to ensure safe international mobility of Ukrainian citizens, including preparations for sustainable return. Furthermore, the project includes support actions for the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The territorial departments and units are still carrying out the functions by providing citizenship and migration services to Ukrainian citizens. Therefore, within the framework of the RRR-MFA/SMS UA project, provision of technical assistance to SMS UA and its territorial departments remains an important component of the programme. In particular, the two vehicles procured within the framework of the project will assist the departments in charge of documentation provision to carry out deliveries in Ukraine as well as abroad − to its citizens residing in neighbouring countries.  

The operational staff of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, including its territorial departments and units, one of the target beneficiaries of the project, will benefit from well-managed transportation of documentation across safe areas of Ukraine and enable provision of identification documents and passports to its citizens.