STREAMinG Phase 2: Moot Court Competition on Trafficking in Human Beings, named after Giorgi Margiani

15 February 2024


On 13-15 December 2023, a Moot Court Competition on Trafficking in Human Beings took place in a collaborative effort between the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, and the Training Centre of Justice of Georgia. The event, held within the framework of the EU-funded STREAMinG Phase 2 project, aimed to raise awareness on the critical issue of human trafficking. 

A total of 110 students from diverse higher education institutions participated in the competition, showcasing their legal acumen and commitment to addressing one of the most pressing global challenges. Following rigorous preliminary rounds, only 27 students, organised into 8 teams, earned the opportunity to compete in the final round. The Moot Court Competition served as a platform to explore topics such as state policies in the fight against trafficking, the array of services available to victims of human trafficking, and the complexities surrounding the investigation and prosecution of this crime. By engaging students in a simulated legal setting, the event encouraged participants to think critically about the challenges faced by authorities, legal professionals, and victims in combating and addressing human trafficking. The final round of the competition culminated in an awards ceremony where the Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia recognised and awarded the deserving winners. 

The significance of such competitions extends beyond the academic realm, as they actively involve the upcoming generation of legal professionals in the ongoing battle against human trafficking. By fostering a sense of responsibility and awareness among students, events like the Moot Court Competition on Trafficking in Human Beings ensure that the fight against this grave crime is sustained and strengthened.