MMD (Migration Mobility Dialogue)

Support project to the Migration Mobility Dialogue (MMD)

Every year millions of men, women and children leave their homes — often risking everything to do so. What they seek is safety and/or the means to secure a better future. The number of international migrants worldwide has continued to grow over the past fifteen years. The movement of people between Africa and Europe and within Africa is significant. This can present opportunities and challenges not only for migrants themselves, but also for countries and their governments.

Today, Africa and Europe are working together, striving to create a positive impact on both continents. With a budget of 18,5 Million Euro, the European Union funds a project to support the Africa-EU Migration Mobility Dialogue (or MMD) — a part of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, which is implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development.

The MMD support project's main goal is to create a meaningful partnership on migration cooperation between the two continents. It supports migration dialogues, helps to build the capacities to address migration challenges, monitors and reports action and strengthens the role of the Africa Diaspora. The project works with the belief that migration is a global challenge, which can only be tackled through joint action. In this way, collectively we can we make migration better.

The Rabat Process, Khartoum Process, Joint Valletta Action Plan monitoring and reporting (JVAP), Continental Dialogue as well as Africa-EU Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT) all come together to form the MMD support project.



Rabat Process

For more than a decade, the Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and development, also known as the Rabat Process, has been enabling political cooperation on crucial migration and mobility issues between 58 countries affected by the major migratory routes linking Central, West and Northern Africa with Europe. 

For more information, please visit the Rabat Process website EN FR and the Rabat Process page


Khartoum Process 

In November 2014, European States and States of the Horn of Africa amplified their efforts for political cooperation introducing a new dialogue to migration community: the EU-Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative, also known as the Khartoum Process. 

For more information, please visit the Khartoum Process website and  the Khartoum Process page


Joint Valletta Action Plan Monitoring and Reporting (JVAP)

At the 2015 Valletta Summit, concrete and operational measures were agreed by African and European partners through the adoption of a political Declaration and a common action plan namely the Joint Valletta Action Plan (JVAP) to together face the challenge of migration as well as to recognise its benefits.

The Rabat and Khartoum Processes were mandated to follow-up on the concrete implementation of the JVAP, which translated operationally in the set-up of a database compiling all initiatives taken since November 2015 and related to the 5 domains of the JVAP. You can consult the database here.

Read more about JVAP in EN here and here, in FR here.

Continental Dialogue

The Continental Dialogue (or MMD as a dialogue), which builds on the Strategic Partnership aims to bringing strategic stakeholders  together such as the African Regional Economic Communities (RECs), the African Union Commission (AUC) and European and African States.It is through this Dialogue that the MMD support project also offers capacity building to :

  • handle cross-regional migration and labour migration
  • lower the cost of remittances to and within Africa
  • support the development of the African Union Free Movement of Persons Protocol

Africa-EU Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT)

Diaspora communities have become increasingly recognised as a valuable resource for sustainable development and migration management. In light of this, the MMD support project facilitates the establishment and development of the Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT) to enhance diaspora engagement through capacity building and dialogue. 

Read more on ICMPD’s diaspora activities here

For more information, please visit the ADEPT Platform website EN FR

This project is funded by the European Union