Completed Projects

Silk Routes Partnership Project

Objective: The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the migration management capacities of the Silk Routes countries Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and in this way contribute to the concrete implementation of the Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on establishing A Silk Routes Partnership for Migration.

Summary:  The proposed combination of components below will together improve basic structures for migration management and competences in the Silk Routes countries through targeting the issue from three necessary angles capacity (training), information and policy. This will together strengthen the capacity of migration authorities in the region to utilise improved access to quality information to make informed policy decisions and formulations. These three basic components are supported by intergovernmental dialogue at all levels as well as new skills being put into practice in pilot projects. The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. to enhance the migration-related knowledge, expertise and management skills of relevant government officials in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan
  2. to strengthen the national migration data management systems and consolidate the knowledge base on the migration realities in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan
  3. to support the development of comprehensive national policy frameworks for migration management
  4. to strengthen regional and intergovernmental dialogue and information exchange on migration matters among the Silk Routes' countries through the regular Budapest Process meeting structure
  5. to increase concrete operational cooperation among the Silk Route countries in the area of migration.
Donors: European Union, Hungary (Lead Partner), Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom

Duration: February 2014January 2017

Countries: Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan

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Ms Sedef Dearing
Senior Regional Adviser Silk Routes
Budapest Process Secretariat
Tel: +43 1 504 46 77 2358


Bridging Measures for Migration Management in the Silk Routes Region

Objective: This project seeks to facilitate the transition from the existing dialogue regarding the migration needs and priorities of the Silk Routes countries to one that delivers tangible outputs. It focuses on facilitating pilot projects on capacity building actions, aiming at supporting the Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani administration in developing a sustainable national migration management system.

Summary: Following the extension to the Silk Routes Region in 2010, the Budapest Process has moved further east to cover an increasing geographic and thematic scope, incorporating the full range of migration management issues. Since then, the Silk Routes project has helped identify the basic needs for capacity building in the diverse areas of migration management through visits to the Silk Routes countries, as well as contributing to the preparations of the 5th Budapest Process Ministerial Conference.

At the 5th Budapest Process Ministerial Conference on 19 April 2013 in Istanbul, "A Silk Routes Partnership for Migration" was established and a framework for concrete, operational follow-up actions was adopted. Therefore, preparing the ground for the implementation of operational actions in the countries concerned through training and capacity building is crucial.

Now, in order to sustain the positive momentum gained from the Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on "A Silk Routes Partnership for Migration", the United Kingdom has initiated the first follow-up project "Bridging Actions for Migration Management in the Silk Routes Region". It focuses on initiating pilot projects on capacity building actions in migration management by building upon the priority assessment of the Silk Routes I project. Furthermore, it aims at laying the groundwork for a more comprehensive and regional migration management project starting in 2014, ensuring the sustainability of these pilot projects.

Donors: United Kingdom

Duration: May 2013April 2014

Countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan

Ms Sedef Dearing
Senior Regional Adviser Silk Routes
Budapest Process Secretariat
Tel: +43 1 504 46 77 2358


Fostering Migration Cooperation in the Silk Routes Region

Objective: This project seeks to improve cooperation in the area of migration between the countries of the Budapest Process and the Silk Route countries, in particular with a view to ensure orderly migration, to protect the rights of migrants and to activate the links between migration and development.

Along the Eastern migration routes towards the European Union, from the Middle East and South Asia, internal and external conflicts, as well as other forms of hardship have caused large flows of migrants and asylum seekers. These flows, whether they are inbound, outbound or internal, represent a serious challenge for the affected societies. Among countries affected by the above-mentioned migration flows, the proposed project puts its focus on Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan (the Silk Routes countries). The migration flows and management of such flows in the above-mentioned countries strongly affect Europe and pose a serious threat to both human and state safety and the efficient implementation of the European migration management instruments.

While several crisis management measures and programmes have been implemented by national authorities and the international community to alleviate immediate crises in the Silk Routes countries, much is still to be done before normal migration management systems are in place allowing for regular, sustainable capacity building measures. This project proposes measures for this bridging period with a view to easing the transition from emergency/humanitarian aid to long-term development operations. The proposed project offers the affected countries a constructive dialogue with their European counterparts and among themselves, to have a comprehensive understanding of the overall migration situation in the region and to make targeted capacity-building measures and cooperation tools available. Background Document Download en


3rd Consultation Meeting
Date: 56 March 2013

Location: Budapest, Hungary

2nd Consultation Meeting
Date: 31 January1 February 2013
Location: The Hague, Netherlands
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1st Consultation Meeting
Date: 1112 December 2012
Location: Ankara, Turkey
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Donors: The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey

Duration: September 2011April 2013

Countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan

Ms Sedef Dearing
Senior Regional Adviser Silk Routes
Budapest Process Secretariat
Tel: +43 1 504 46 77 2358