eMGPP: evidence-driven Migration Governance Policy and Practice in North Africa

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Egypt / Algeria / Libya / Tunisia / Morocco
January 2019 to October 2021
Implementing Agency


eMGPP aims to generate, operationalise and disseminate knowledge, research and evidence to inform and strengthen migration policy in North Africa.


The project includes two complementary components: 

  • The North Africa Migration Academic Network (NAMAN). This innovative migration research network harnesses expertise throughout the North Africa region to develop and lead national and regional migration research and policy development. While pursuing a focused migration research agenda of their own, NAMAN will also supply expertise, context and advice to eMGPP’s second component, NOADAC.
  • North Africa Data Collection (NOADAC). This project component focuses on collecting, assessing and triangulating original and third party data to help monitor progress made towards the strategic and specific objectives of the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Stability and Combating the Root Causes of Irregular Migration and the Displaced Persons in Africa (EUTF) in the North of Africa (NOA) and to inform the development of migration policy aimed at promoting better migration governance in the region. 

Across the NAMAN and NOADAC components, eMGPP will generate original research and evidence related to key migration issues in North Africa, bolstering knowledge and understanding of irregular migration and effective responses to it, while generating inputs to policy aimed at promoting safe, secure and orderly migration and shared migration governance in the region, among Mediterranean countries, and with the EU.

Alaa Demnati

Project Manager