RePact: Strengthening Migration Management In Western Balkans Via Parallel Implementation Of The Eu Pact On Migration And Asylum

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Bosnia and Herzegovina / Albania / Montenegro / North Macedonia / Serbia
Duty Stations
Skopje, North Macedonia
October 2022 to May 2023
89,938.85 Euro


The main goal of this project is to improve the implementation and effectiveness of the EU PACT in managing migration in the region by increasing cooperation among Western Balkan (WB) countries and examining potential opportunities for collaboration with the European Union (EU). The specific objectives include gaining a better understanding of the PACT's rules and regulations as they apply to EU countries, supporting WB countries in improving their migration and border management systems, finding ways to enhance cooperation between the EU and WB countries on migration issues, and identifying potential areas for further collaboration to strengthen migration management. The expected outcome is that a shared approach to the potential effects of the EU Pact on WB countries will be identified and steps will be taken to improve cooperation with the EU in order to increase the effectiveness of the Pact in managing migration in the region