Challenging misconceptions on human mobility and climate change

Released 21 April 2023

Debate on the interplay between climate change and mobility has occupied an increasingly prominent place on the international agenda over the past decade – and we now have solid understanding of the climate-mobility linkage. However, a plethora of persisting misconceptions continue to mar a meaningful, solution-oriented conversation on the topic. This commentary addresses some of the more enduring of these misconceptions.

Influencing from a distance: Are diaspora members effective as “credible messengers” in migration information campaigns?

Policy Brief

Published May 2022


Migration information campaigns have become a popular policy mechanism amongst donors and implementers to deter irregular migration. With the increasing number of information campaigns introduced in countries of origin, attention is also being focused towards the design of these campaigns, including considerations on engaging people that can act as “credible messengers” or “key influencers” to convey the content of the campaign. It is in this line that campaign funders and designers are exploring the potential of involving diaspora members as messengers in information campaigns. Backed by a dedicated research study on diaspora engagement in information campaigns under the PARIM project, this policy brief questions the assumptions behind engaging diaspora members as “credible messengers”. One major assumption is that since potential migrants rely on friends and family abroad for their migration process, following the same principle, they would be more receptive to information received through diaspora members in campaigns. However, this policy brief argues that diaspora members engaged in campaigns are imperfect proxies for potential migrants’ friends and family abroad. With this caveat, it presents certain considerations to take into account when designing a migration information campaign that involves diaspora members as messengers.

Mind the gap. Can information campaigns address migrant information needs?

Policy Brief

Published April 2022

Trend Assessment - New trends on return and remigration in the COVID era? Evidence from Bangladesh and Pakistan


Published March 2022


Irregular Migration Dynamics from Pakistan and the Role of Information Campaigns: PARIM Final Report. Vienna: ICMPD


Published January 2022