Expert Voice Series


Expert Voice: Migration Dialogues in times of COVID-19

The widespread national lockdowns witnessed since March 2020 unveiled the fragility of international cooperation. As Secretariat to four major Migration Dialogues, ICMPD and their respective Chairs mobilised Dialogues’ rich...> more

Expert Voice: Schengen’s summertime blues

By 1 July, free movement should once again be a reality within the EU’s passport-free zone, more or less. The Union is re-opening the single market just in time to secure this year’s agricultural production and the tourist...> more

Expert Voice: Iraq and migration – What challenges face the new administration?

The country has a promising new government under Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi but faces a range of challenges connected to its large refugee and irregular migrant population.> more

Expert Voice: How the COVID-19 ‘Infodemic’ targets migrants

One of the more sinister aspects of the global pandemic is the spread of deliberately misleading information online. ICMPD’s Regional Office for the Mediterranean considers how disinformation networks work to falsely portray...> more

Expert Voice: Immunity passports – unwise and unnecessary

Governments are considering ‘immunity passports’ to allow those with COVID-19 antibodies greater mobility and to provide employers with an increasing pool of people to fill public-facing jobs. This may seem tempting but would...> more

Expert Voice: Labour migration – Five priorities for the EU and its Member States

Governments are seeking the balance between containing the COVID-19 pandemic and saving the economy. Migrant workers are essential in this regard, and the EU and its member states have to find ways to manage labour migration in...> more

Expert Voice: National consular services are stretched to the limit by COVID-19

Millions of people are stranded abroad by COVID-19. The pandemic has triggered the largest repatriation operation in history. As a result, consular services are under tremendous pressure and are forced to work together.> more