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Brdo Process Ministerial Meeting – Ministers endorse the Strategy Paper of the NATC

04 March 2020

This year’s Brdo Process Ministerial meeting, held on 4 March 2020, was dedicated to the regional cooperation in the fight against trafficking in human beings and the measures for prevention and investigation of online child sexual abuse.

The topic is chosen to mark the 10th anniversary of the Network of Anti-Trafficking Coordinators of South-East Europe. On this occasion, ICMPD developed the Strategy Paper 2020-2024. Boštjan Poklukar, Minister of Interior of Republic of Slovenia stated: "In the last ten years, the Network of Anti-Trafficking Coordinators of South-East Europe proved to be an effective cooperation mechanism in the region. Being part of this Network, we welcome the new Strategy paper. Strengthening the internal capacity of the Network and setting priority areas for its future work are crucial goals for achieving an effective response to trafficking in human beings in SEE."

The document takes further the achievements of Network’s first decade and sets the agenda for the next five years. The document was elaborated with key input from all national anti-trafficking coordinators. The Strategy Paper 2020-2024 was presented at the Ministerial Meeting and endorsed by the ministers of interior of the Brdo Process member states.

The Network was initiated by the Slovenian Ministry of Interior and established during the Brdo Process Ministerial Conference in 2010 in Brdo Pri Kranju. ICMPD was appointed to serve as  Secretariat.  The Network is a state-led platform that ensures fulfilment of the commitments in the anti-trafficking field, agreed at ministerial level. The Anti-Trafficking Coordinators take the decisions, set the agenda and initiate the activities of the Network. The Network offers an informal and a flexible dialogue venue that serves as a forum for sharing good practices, discussing the needs of the countries and identifying areas for potential cooperation. Due to the commitment of all actors involved, the Network has become an effective and outstanding cooperation mechanism on anti-trafficking response and policy-making in the SEE region.


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