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EUROMED Migration V runs its first Training for Young Migration Professionals

09 June 2022


In May 2022, the EUROMED Migration V project in cooperation with the Training Institute for Migration Capacity Partnerships organised its first Training for Young Migration Professionals in Malta: a 5-day course for students from Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, and Palestine.

The rationale for the Training of Young Professionals is to provide graduates and early-career migration professionals with a comprehensive and coherent learning package conciliating theoretical and practical aspects of migration policy-making. In the short term, this action will aim to enhance the professional profile of job candidates and give them a practical ‘toolbox’ to think and address the most pressing regional migration challenges. In the long term, it will reinforce migration interventions, institutions, and structures in the region through the consolidation and professionalisation of human capital. 

This objective aligns on the EMM5’s overarching goal while contributing directly to the UN sustainable development goal 10.7.

The activity followed two objectives:

  • Facilitate conditions for labour market entrance in line with participants’ aspirations and personal goals;
  • Promote and showcase evidence-driven, holistic and rights-based approaches to policy-making among participants.