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ICMPD Anti-Trafficking joins International Labour Organisation Action (ILO) Pledge to eliminate child labour 2021

10 June 2021

To celebrate the World’s Day against Child Labour (12 June) and the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour (2021), ICMPD joins the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Action Pledge 2021 to eliminate child labour. 

The Anti-Trafficking Programme of ICMPD commits to collect evidence on the occurrence of child trafficking in Turkey and the countries of West Africa.

  1. To collect evidence on child trafficking in nine selected provinces in Turkey with focus on the risk factors and vulnerabilities leading to trafficking among Syrian and Turkish children, forms of trafficking affecting these children in industry and agricultural sectors, and their protection needs.
  2. To conduct a baseline assessment of national, regional and international referral mechanisms for the protection of trafficked people and trafficked children in West Africa to obtain a comprehensive, evidence-based analysis of anti-trafficking structures and initiatives in the region. The findings will highlight policy and legislative gaps and will call for subsequent interventions in the West African countries to build a more comprehensive response to trafficking crime, including to child trafficking.
  3. To conduct an assessment on the incidence, trends and routes of trafficking and child sexual exploitation in Cabo Verde to provide for the first time a comprehensive actual picture of the occurrence of child trafficking on all islands of the country.

Based on the findings of these actions, evidence-based recommendations will be formulated in order to inform the anti-trafficking and child protection policy-making, and to strengthen regional and national planning, coordination and monitoring capacities in these areas. All actions will be implemented in the framework of running projects in Turkey and West Africa.

At the end of 2021, ATP will conclude a report on the pledge – the achieved results and lessons learned and will communicate it further through the internal and external ICMPD channels and ATP’s professional network.

More than 300 organisations and individuals made their pledges for actions against child labour in 2021. The Pledge is a step towards achieving SDG Target 8.7.  Alliance 8.7 is the official global partnership to achieve this SDG and the vehicle to coordinate action to end child labour by 2025. ILO has been mandated to facilitate the organisation and implementation of the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders.

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More information about the global initiative is available here: