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ICMPD hosts discussions on the future direction of EU migration policy

20 March 2024

Austria, *European Union

As the EU approaches elections that will determine its next leadership and migration policy direction, ICMPD is developing strategic recommendations for the next five years. In this endeavour, ICMPD is engaging with stakeholders across Europe to discuss the progress made during the current Commission and where advances remain to be achieved. Their perspectives will help shape ICMPD’s policy advice on the direction of EU migration policy at this critical juncture.

Ahead of this summer’s elections, the EU is left with a number of open and pressing questions that policymakers will be compelled to address in the coming months and years. At the same time, this eventful year represents a critical opportunity to step back, reflect, and identify what the top priorities should be in the months and years ahead. In this regard, ICMPD recently hosted a series of virtual consultations with Member States, think tanks and academia, and civil society organisations and foundations. These discussions assessed the current situation, including lessons learnt from both successful initiatives and setbacks. Participants also shared their priorities for the new EU leadership. 

ICMPD’s Policy Unit is engaging in these and other stakeholder consultations as part of its effort to develop strategic recommendations for the next five years of EU migration policy. These discussions not only highlight the collective expertise and insights of diverse stakeholders across the continent but also underscore ICMPD’s commitment to promoting a coherent, comprehensive, and effective EU migration policy framework that addresses current and future challenges and opportunities. The outputs of the Recommendations for the next five years of EU migration policy (RECs) initiative aim at fostering socio-economic development and social cohesion, while also taking into consideration EU foreign and security policies. They will also incorporate ICMPD’s research and practical expertise. 

We look forward to sharing more later this year.