RECs: Recommendations for the next five years of EU migration policy


*European Union
July 2023 to December 2024


In 2024, the EU public will elect a new European Parliament, which will approve the leadership of the next European Commission and the policy priorities for the coming five-year mandate, including in the area of migration. As the European migration organisation, holding extensive research and practical experience, ICMPD is uniquely qualified to provide policy advice at this critical juncture in the direction of EU migration policy.

Part of ICMPD’s Annual Policy Initiative (API), the RECs project engages ICMPD Member States and key stakeholders to determine what the next five years of EU migration policy should look like. In this pursuit, the project draws upon expertise and knowledge gained at the previous five-year juncture, in 2019, when ICMPD produced a set of 70 recommendations to tangibly contribute to more effective EU governance of migration.


The goal of RECs is to formulate and disseminate evidence-based policy recommendations for the next five years of EU migration governance, and ultimately to inform the policymaking of EU leadership.

RECs serves as a dynamic platform for discussion on salient migration policy issues among ICMPD Member States and key partners, designed to foster collaboration with multiple players in the migration policy landscape such as ICMPD and EU Member States, civil society organisations, leading migration practitioners and experts, think tanks and academics, and a varied cross-section of private sector actors.

In short, RECs aims at stimulating and promoting EU migration policy debate by presenting balanced arguments, formed via intensive strategic dialogue, consultations, data analysis, and literature review.